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    Welcome to the home of Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry. I am a globally recognised professional Makeup Artist, Makeup Tutor and Beauty Writer based in Barnsley. I am also new to YouTube! I am fully insured and a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. I like to make people look and feel beautiful - or terrifying and gory depending on the time of year! Please note: this is a PR friendly blog and I welcome PR enquiries.

Smokey Lilac Rose Makeup Look

After receiving the beautiful Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette last week, and also getting my hands on the beautiful Whimsical Foiled Eyeshadow from Makeup Geek, I decided to have a play around with my new colours and create a gorgeous smokey lilac rose makeup look inspired by the shades.

I really wanted to add a strong pop of colour to the look, so my trusty Tilt Makeup blush palette came to the rescue and brought me vibrant pink and purple hues to add into the mix.

The look I created, along with a full list of products used, is below.

Makeup Post

Smokey Lilac Rose Makeup Look | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme moisturiser
Illamasqua Matte Veil Primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
Collection lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light
MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Pink Shimmer
L’Oreal Glam Bronze in number 6
Illamasqua blush in Nymph

Eyes & Brows
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette shades in: Bitter Start, Substitute for Love, Subtle Blend, Beans Are White
Tilt blush palette in pink and purple
Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadow in Whimsical
No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
Illamasqua Brow Gel in Glimpse
MAC Black Track gel liner
L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Waterproof

MAC Bombshell

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35 Facts About Me Tag

I don’t know about you, but personally, I love reading tag posts and getting to know my favourite bloggers and vloggers a little better. I always think it’s interesting to get to know the actual person behind a blog, rather than just read their opinions on certain products from time to time. Blogging has evolved so much over the years, and today, it’s as much about the person behind the computer rather than just what they represent on the surface. With that in mind, I wanted to share the 35 Facts About Me Tag with you! Here we go…

1. I have a National Diploma and a Certificate in Education in Fashion Design.

2. I once helped to style a Photo Shoot for The Drums for the Guardian’s G2 magazine…and had no idea who they were!

The Drums. Shot by Frederike Helwig on our shoot for the Guardian

The Drums. Shot by Frederike Helwig on our shoot for the Guardian’s G2 magazine

3. I’m frequently told I look like Adele.

4. I have a degree in Journalism.

5. I love dogs but was always allergic to them. I found a stray six years ago that was a Chihuahua cross and wasn’t allergic to her, so I finally got a dog of my own. I now have two Long Haired Chihuahuas, Lily who is almost six, and Alfie who is one.

Lily and Alfie posing for a picture mid-walkies at Nostell Priory

Lily and Alfie posing for a picture mid-walkies at Nostell Priory

6. I was once an extra in Where The Heart Is – I was in the background cheering at a football match.

7. I rarely drink. Alcohol just doesn’t agree with me anymore and makes me seriously sick.

8. I can tie a cherry stalk in a knot with my tongue.

9. I used to take singing lessons every week and always wanted to be a pop star. I went as far as to send a tape into Stars In Their Eyes when I was about 10. I could have been Beyonce but, you know, I couldn’t sing….

10. I made the squad to be a cheerleader for the Leeds Celtics team back at Uni.

11. My makeup work is known internationally and my Halloween makeup was labelled the ‘best in the world’ by the local media. This was just unreal to me and gave me a extra boost of drive and determination to succeed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 17.16.18

12. People who misspell definitely as ‘defiantly’ make me feel really irritated.

13. I once wrote a negative review on a fashion show for a magazine I was working for, and was threatened with being sued. My editor thought it was hilarious and was thrilled with the extra hits the magazine’s website was getting. I never got into trouble and always stood by my review, the show really was pretty bad!

14. Setting up my own business was the best thing I ever did. It’s been hard work, exhausting and a huge worry, but nothing compares to the feeling of freedom and pride I have at building up my own little empire.

15. I love coffee! If I don’t have at least one coffee a day, I feel grumpy, frustrated and get a raging headache. I like my coffee to be strong and with one sugar.


16. I was really badly bullied when I was younger both physically and verbally. I was once punched in class and had my lip bust several times. It was so bad that I didn’t think life was worth living any more. What I realise now is this – the people who do the bullying don’t get anywhere in life, but those that were the victims become the victorious.

17. I am an only child. I totally think that’s why I enjoy my own company and can’t wait for downtime on my own after being out and about or in a group of people.

18. I love cinema dates on rainy days and always have to have popcorn and chocolate ready for the film. My favourite is Sweet and Salted mixed together, but I prefer the Butterkist or Proper Corn versions so I always take my own!

May 2016 Glossybox Unboxing

19. I’m scared to death of portaloos. I’m not even joking, they terrify me beyond belief.

20. I’m more of a winter person than a summer person. I love Autumn and winter and get really excited as soon as the leaves begin to turn and the pumpkin spice lattes start to come out.

21. I have a thing for Adam Richman. You know, the Man vs Food guy? Dreamy.

22. I used to take adult ballet classes and Pole fit classes. You wouldn’t believe the amount of bruises you get from pole class or how bad it hurts the next day! Pole dancing truly is an art and it’s damn hard!

23. I’ve taken a course in Burlesque dancing and learned how to perform a striptease! I always wanted to take Burlesque classes and when the chance came along, I grabbed it.

24. I almost died at Fresher’s Week due to a leaky toilet in my en-suite that caused mould spores to get into my lungs and triggered something much worse off. I was hospitalised for a while and spent months at home out of uni recovering.

25. I’ve been abroad less than a handful of times, and haven’t had a real holiday since 2006.

26. I regret not standing up for myself more in the past. Whether it be with old bosses, old friends or bullies at school.

27. I only had three proper driving lessons before I took my driving test and passed first time. My dad taught me the rest.

28. I prefer animals to most people.

29. My mum and dad hired a fire engine to come pick me up and take me and my friends into town on my 18th birthday. It was a HUGE surprise and I screamed my head off. I spent most of the journey shouting at people over the tannoy and singing.

30. My absolute favourite show on TV is American Horror Story. I aspire to work on set for the show in the future or at least have some connection to it.

31. I’ve always been very spiritual and I love going to spiritualist church every so often, although I’m not a religious person at all.

32. I first started blogging ten years ago with a street style blog called Urban Kitty’s. I used to take photographs of cool looking people in the street and post it to my blog, sartorialist style!

33. My first car was a grey Nissan Micra that I called Alfie and I filled it with Hello Kitty car mats, air fresheners and a tax disc holder. Looking back, it makes me cringe but I loved it at the time!

34. Sometimes when I’m tired, I can write a whole sentence backwards without even realising…

35. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and I get seriously excited for it coming along every year. I always try to go at leat one local attraction like York Maze Hallowscream or Alton Tower’s Scarefest.

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2016.

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

If you’ve been trawling the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter of late, I think there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have come across the beautiful Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette. A collaboration with Disney inspired by the movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass, the palette features 20 beautiful eyeshadows named after characters and items in the books. There’s no denying that it’s a beautiful palette, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I was gutted to find it was completely sold out online and in the local stores around me, but luckily, my friend managed to pick one up for me over in Beverley and kindly posted it out for me.

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

I’m sure you’ll have come across many reviews about this beautiful palette, so today’s post is to share two completely different looks with you that I created using the palette. One light and natural, and one a little more dramatic and bright.

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

The first look I created was a dramatic, colourful look using a ton of colours from the palette! I used Lily mixed with Royal Flush as my base, followed by Duchess then Paradox as transition colours. I then went in with Salazen Grum and Cake into the crease and buffed it gently upwards. Next, I went in with Bandersnatch, Chronosphere and Time to add the depth to the crease and outer V. For the bulk of the lid colour, I used Hatter along with a touch of Heads Will Roll. I was seriously impressed with the pigmentation of Hatter in particular, it’s so vibrant and beautiful!

I also used Paradox from the palette as my blush, and Salazen Grum for my lip colour.

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette

The next look I created was a soft, girly pink look using Lily and Duchess as a base, followed by cake diffused very gently all over the lid. I went back in with Lily over the top to add that gorgeous iridescent effect. You can’t really tell from the shadow in the pan, but Lily has a beautiful pink iridescent effect when swatched which is just stunning! I used Reflection on my cheeks followed by Salazen Grum and Cake on my lips.

As you can probably tell from the two looks, the palette is extremely versatile and works well for both natural and dramatic looks, as well as being being multi-purpose for lips and cheeks too!

I just adore this palette and find it such a gorgeous addition to both my makeup collection and my makeup desk. It’s absolutely stunning and is well worth the £43 price tag. If you do get the chance to get hold of one, I’d absolutely recommend it! The only thing to note is that the eyeshadows do have a lot of fall out, so applying your eye makeup before your foundation is a good tip to make sure your base is fresh and clean.

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2016.

The ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review

Codage Moisturizing Mask

The ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review

Welcome to my new post, the ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review! As the days are getting sunnier and the weather warmer, I’m finding that I prefer to forgo foundation altogether throughout the day and let my skin soak in the goodness of fresh air and sunshine! But to do that, I need to feel like my skin is at its best in order to feel confident enough to go bare-faced.

As I mentioned in my recent favourites posts, the past few months have been months of skincare and prepping my face to be summer ready, and along my skincare journey, I was introduced to an amazing face mask in my Lookfantastic Beauty Box – the Codage Moisturizing Mask!

I’ve always been one for pampering. Anything to do with a luxury spa-at-home evening and I’m in, so I was thrilled when this little tube of goodness arrived.

The product
The Codage Moisturizing Mask is formulated with French pharmaceutical expertise – and if anybody knows luxury, results-driven skincare, it’s the French! Described as a rich emulsion, the product is enriched with oils and plant-based waxes to effectively revitalise dry skin and strengthen the hydrolipidic layer whilst supporting and reconstructing the skin’s natural barrier. The mask also utilises an enzymatic peel to stimulate cell renewal to leave your complexion looking radiant and feeling supple, comfortable and glowing.

How to
After cleansing with my Garnier Micellar Water and my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean face wash, I gently patted my face dry and applied the mask. The instructions tell you to apply the mask to a dry, cleansed face and leave for 15 – 25 minutes before rinsing away.

The Codage Moisturizing Mask has become one of my skincare staples

The ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review

My thoughts
First of all, I was surprised by the texture of the mask. It feels like a thick, nourishing moisturiser that’s a little waxy in texture and doesn’t dry hard on the skin like a clay mask would for example. The formula felt gorgeous and moisturising as I applied it and I didn’t particularly notice any scent. I left the mask on for 25 minutes and couldn’t see it on my skin when I went to rinse it off – it was as if my skin had drank in all the goodness. I gently rinsed it away using warm water and could feel the oils on my skin, it felt so comfortable and luxurious. After patting my face dry and checking out my skin in the mirror, I saw that it looked refreshed, hydrated and much calmer than it had beforehand. I went to bed after moisturising as usual and was ecstatic to wake up the next day and see that my acne seemed much calmer than it had the day previously. To make sure this wasn’t just a fluke, I used the mask once weekly and each time, I woke up to much calmer skin. This mask has been an absolute miracle worker for me and really helps to tame my problematic skin. I’m right at the end of my little 15ml tester tube now (it’s lasted me a long time) so I will be looking to replace it as soon as possible. Also, one of the things I really love about this mask is that it’s free from parabens and phthalates and it is not tested on animals – something that always makes me so happy to hear.

This mask is a miracle worker for my skin. If there’s one thing you’re going to invest in when it comes to your beauty products, I’d say skincare is the most important which is why I can totally justify the price for this product. It’s been a saviour to calm my angry skin and has helped to nourish and moisturise my skin back to soft, supple and healthy again. For me, it’s the ultimate in face masks and my absolute favourite that I’ve tried in a whole 28 years.

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2016.

The £4.99 Lady Million Perfume dupe

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne has long since been one of my favourite scents. Provocative, delicious and oh so feminine with base notes of Patchouli and Honey, heart notes of Orange Flower and Jasmine Sambac, and top notes of Neroli, Bitter Orange and Raspberry. It’s one of the scents that is not only well recognised, but extremely popular, especially amongst the teens and twenties age bracket.

I haven’t owned the perfume for over a year now – instead opting for my favourite signature scent (more on that in another post coming soon). Anyway, this past week, I paid a visit to my new favourite bargain supermarket, Lidl. As I was wandering down one of the aisles, I came across a few perfume testers. One of the bottles reminded me so much of that bright gold packaging of Lady Million, so I decided to spray a little. I was super shocked to instantly be hit by the same scent as Lady Million! I couldn’t believe it – I practically danced down the aisle after finding this gorgeous scent and realising it was a dead ringer but for just £4.99 for 100ml rather than the £69 for 80ml that I’ve been so used to buying in the past by Paco Rabanne.

The £4.99 Lady Million Perfume dupe

The £4.99 Lady Million Perfume dupe

Produced by La Rive, the brand is a dab hand at creating dupe fragrances, and I know they’ve also created dupes for perfumes such as Chloe. So, what are the pros and cons?

Good Price
Large quantity
Cute packaging
It’s an Eau de Parfum rather than Eau de Toilette so the scent is stronger

The scent doesn’t last as long on the skin so you’ll need to re-apply throughout the day
It’s not so easy to find – you have to drop on at the store so you’ll only manage to get it if it’s in stock. As far as I’m aware, you can’t order this online.

As you can see from the list, for me, the pros outweigh the cons. As the perfume is so cheap, I don’t actually mind having to re-apply it throughout the day, and I’m more than happy to decant a little into an atomiser to carry around in my handbag. I’m still pretty shocked by this discovery – to me, it smells EXACTLY the same which is just absolutely incredible.

Although I adore having true brands on my dressing table, I’m all for dupes and saving money where possible. It’s always great to discover a hidden gem. Have you found any bargain perfume dupes? Let me know in the comments!

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2016.

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