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    Welcome to the home of Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry. I am a professional Makeup Artist, Makeup Tutor and Beauty Writer based in Barnsley. I am fully insured and a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. I like to make people look and feel beautiful.

Prom 2015 – Booking now!

FB ready Chloe 2

Prom 2015 is almost upon us and soon it’ll be time to glam up in gorgeous gowns and take centre stage as Prom Queen for the evening! Prom should be a special time that marks the end of an era and welcomes a whole new chapter in your life. Celebrate the past and welcome in your future with an amazing evening to remember forever.

Prom makeovers at Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry will make you look and feel beautiful. Experience a trial where we can perfect your Prom look and create the most stunning makeup for your special evening, and enjoy being pampered on the day whilst you sit back, relax and look forward to dancing the night away.

Chloe prom banda


Prom services and prices

Prom trials……….£30

On the day……….£30



Book with a friend today and receive 10% off.

Travel fees may apply. Please ask for further details.


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Understanding NC, NW, C and N in MAC foundations

Choosing a foundation can be really daunting, but it’s a key part to our makeup and can make or break a flawless face so it’s important to get it right. Many clients ask me about the labelling of MAC foundations as they don’t understand what NC and NW means and how to colour match themselves.

In colour theory, we’re taught that cool undertones are reds, pinks and blues and that warm undertones are yellow, peaches and golds. However, in MAC labelling, the undertones are the opposite.

NC: Neutral Cool – golden beige undertones.

NW: Neutral Warm – red, pink or blue undertones.

N: Neutral – beige undertones.

C: Cool – Yellow, golden or olive undertones

So a person with yellow, peach or golden undertones would be suited well to an NC foundation whereas a person with red, pink or blue undertones would be better suited to an NW foundation. A person with a beige undertone would be perfectly suited to an N foundation.

Annie before and after

Annie has a cool undertone (yellow, golden in MAC terms) but also has slight warm areas too (pinks). To balance her skin, I used Studio Fix in NC20 – a neutral cool

You might have heard that some ladies use an NC foundation but have been given an NW concealer, this is because the pink undertone of an NW concealer helps to cancel out dark green under eye circles. For blue tinged under eye circles, you could cancel them out with an NC concealer.


My client Nina has warm undertones (reds in MAC terms) with cool under eye circles (yellow). I used MAC Studio Fix in NC20 over her face to even out and correct the redness and NW10 concealer to correct the dark circles

The number that follows each NC, NW, N or C is simply the colour of each foundation. Sharon, from Sharonthemakeupartist.com explains this perfectly:

“…there are some odd numbers peppered along the way in some of the foundations. For example there is an NC27 or an NW18 in Studio Fix Fluid . These colours don’t have quite as strong an undertone as those that end in 5 or 0. These odd numbers have more of a  neutral undertone. So an NC27 is not as yellow as an NC25 but it is a little bit darker.

Conversely there are also plain C’s and plain N’s. These have a stronger yellow or pink undertone than their NC/NW counterparts. Very few of the foundations in the range now have these strong undertones, it’s mostly the old school formulas like Face and Body, or Studio Fix Powder.”

The shade I wear myself is NC15 – this is much more flattering to my skin tone and helps to cancel out any unwanted redness over my cheek area. This is my personal preference too and I find that the NC blends seamlessly into my skin. I find that with the majority of my clients, an NC foundation always looks better and evens the skin tone beautifully.


MAC NC15 is a great shade for my skin tone

The most important thing is to make sure that your foundation matches with your chest and looks natural. If you are still struggling, don’t be afraid to ask a counter makeup artist for advice and a colour match. Makeup is all about having fun so there is no wrong or right way to wear your foundation, as long as you have a good match and avoid the dreaded ‘tideline’ around the neck, you’re good to go!

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2015.

How to get a perfect foundation match every time


Fair Skin

Sometimes it’s hard picking out the right foundation shade for your skin. What appeared to look great in store can sometimes look a little too dark or even orange outside in the natural lighting. It’s really important to remember a few simple tips and tricks when shopping for foundation to make sure that you nail your perfect match the first time, every time.

1. Know your undertone

Everybody has an undertone to their skin which can either be cool (pink, red or bluish), warm (yellow, peachy or golden) or neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones). The undertone can help you to work out which foundation colour will best complement your skin. A good way to help you find out your undertone is to take a look at the veins on your wrist, if they have a blue tinge, it’s likely you are a cool undertone, a green cast means a warm undertone. For something in-between the two, you may have a neutral undertone.

Another good way to help you work out your undertone is your hair and eye colour. Usually, cool people have blue, grey or green eyes with brown or black hair. Warm people usually have brown or hazel eyes with red, brown or blonde hair. Also, think about what happens to your skin in the sun – cool people (pink, red or blue undertones) will usually burn whereas warm people (yellow, peachy or golden undertones) will tan.

The cool and warm celebrity charts below from Cicilalang.com show the different undertones really well.

Cool undertones



Warm undertones



2. Understand the labelling

Some companies, such as MAC, label their foundations to help you to choose the perfect match. From NC (Neutral Cool) to NW (Neutral Warm). However, their Cool and Warm differ to how we know cool and warm. For example:

NC (Neutral Cool) yellow, peachy or golden undertones

NW (Neutral Warm) pink, red or blue undertones

If you are buying from a counter, the makeup artists will be able to advise you on your undertone and the best colour to suit your complexion. Each company will be different so say for example, if you are ‘Ivory’ at one company, you might need a completely different shade at another.

3. Test foundation on your lower neck or chest

Most people make the mistake of trying out a new foundation on the back of their hand which is a completely different colour and texture to the skin on our faces and necks. By testing the foundation on your lower neck or chest, you’ll get a much better reading of the colour and will immediately see if the colour will blend in nicely to ensure a flawless application. As you’ll see if you look through a mirror, our faces naturally shield the top of our necks which means the colour differs slightly from the rest of our neck and chest as it isn’t exposed to the sun as much.

4. Step outside into the natural light

Each store has different lighting that might throw a different cast over the colour of the foundation on your face. By stepping outside into the natural light, you’ll get a true vision of how the foundation looks on your skin. Natural lighting is always the best option for checking colour.

Foundation should blend seamlessly from the face to the jawline and complement the skin tone

Foundation should blend seamlessly from the face to the jawline and complement the skin tone. My bridal client Catherine wears MAC Studio Sculpt in NC15 and NC20

5. Ask for a small sample pot

If you can’t get to a store until the evening and have been colour matched at a counter, ask if you could have a small sample to take away with you so that you can try the foundation out the next day and check it against the natural lighting. Most counters will be happy to do this for you and usually have small tester pots available. If you’re buying from a drugstore, ask the staff if they’d mind if you pumped a small sample from the tester tube into your own sample pot.

6. Choose the right foundation for your skin type

As well as getting a great colour match, you also want to make sure to get a foundation that will work beautifully with your skin type. If you have oily skin, you’ll want to look for a more matte foundation with extra staying power. For dry skin, look at richer, creamier formulas that will nourish your skin as you wear it throughout the day and keep any dry patches at bay.

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2015.

Beautiful Bridal: From daytime to evening

This past weekend was a busy one at the studio, what with beauty makeover shoots and a bridal trial on the gorgeous Terie, I had plenty of work to keep me busy!

I wanted to share Terie’s bridal trial with you all today because we played around with a couple of makeup looks that dramatically changed Terie’s bridal style with just a change of lipstick and blush.

Terie’s skin was an absolute dream to work on and the foundation that I used blended seamlessly into her skin, smoothing and perfecting a flawless base. We kept the eyes understated yet beautiful. As you can see from the images below, Terie has the most amazingly long, wispy lashes that are completely natural. They really frame her gorgeous dark eyes and make them the focal point of her makeup look. We added a gorgeous girly pink lip along with a sweeping of pink blush – a popular look amongst bridal clients and a true resemblance of ‘the blushing bride.’  The colours worked beautifully with Terie’s complexion and really highlighted her pretty bridal look.



Next up, we tried a gorgeous berry stained lip and a peachy cheek blush instead. We kept the rest of the face exactly the same. Still fresh, yet sultry, this look really suited Terie’s dark eyes and hair and she looked absolutely stunning.



I thought it would be interesting to share the two looks as nothing but the lipstick and blush had been changed on either shot yet the makeup looks so dramatically different. Just another simple way to take your makeup from daytime to evening with minimum time. I can’t wait to make Terie over on her actual big day and show you her final, gorgeous bridal look that we decided on.

Terie Bridal

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2015.