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In my opinion: What is the best foundation for pale skin?

Fair Skin

Hello gorgeous readers! Lately I’ve found that I’ve been asked the same question a lot so I thought I’d write a blog post on the topic. As you might have guessed from the title, the question on the lips of many is this: Which foundation is perfect for pale skin?

As you know, I am naturally very fair and have ginger hair. I have always found finding the right shade of foundation such a struggle! I started to wear foundation when I was around 13 years old – I was terribly ashamed of my pale complexion and freckles and really tried to conceal them under hideous amounts of makeup that really didn’t suit my skin tone. Try as my parents might, I never listened to their advice that less was more and that the colours I was wearing didn’t suit me.

Years down the line, I finally came across Illamasqua when one Christmas my Dad, (who’s pretty fashion and beauty savvy being a photographer of all sorts) found out some gorgeous goodies and gave them to me as a gift. I was immediately intrigued to see what Illamasqua’s foundation would be like.

I’d heard amazing things about Illamasqua’s Skin Base, for those of you who aren’t familiar, here’s what Illamasqua has to say about it: “Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market. Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage.”

Fair Skin 1

Now usually, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. However, I can hand on heart vouch for this foundation. I’m sure my regular readers will know that I used to work for Illamasqua and would expect my reviews to be favourable, but believe you me, if I don’t think a product is worth the hype, I won’t promote it. When I first used the foundation, I loved the coverage and the slightly dewy tone, it looked like skin only smoothed to perfection. Now, the main point I am getting to with Skin Base is the fact that the collection has a massive range of colours from pink to yellow to mixed undertones. When I worked on the counter, I had many a fair lady come to me and be amazed by the lovely coverage and natural match to their skin tone – something they had struggled to get from other brands.

The foundation is a three-in-one creation: a beauty balm, a primer and a foundation in one so there really is no need to use three products to get the flawless effect. Just simply smooth off, powder if necessary and enjoy the lovely finish.

I am usually a number 7 in this foundation but can sometimes drop to a 6 depending on how much sun/St Moriz my skin has had. Now, I won’t spin you a line, my skin doesn’t get on fabulously with this foundation as I would hope – I suffer a lot from eczema on the face and the slightest change sets it off with a vengeance. But I use this foundation on my clients for photo shoots and special occasions and always have rave reviews of it afterwards. It photographs beautifully and looks amazing in natural daylight.

I’d urge you all to have a try of it and see what you think. I reckon you may be converted!

Fair skin 2

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2013.

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Tips for Makeup Business Success

Life is all about choices, right from what you decide to eat for breakfast to which job offer you decide to accept. Some are inevitably bigger than others, and some will make or break you as a person. But the biggest decision you have to make in life is this: what kind of person do you want to be?

Ever since I can remember, my parents have taught me right from wrong and instilled the importance of being a good person. I have always been taught to be polite, have good manners and respect those around me. When I first decided to branch out as a freelance writer and build up my own business, my parents had some more advice: “Be careful who you associate with, as who you associate with is who others believe you to be like.” In other words, you are judged by the company you keep.

As with all businesses and success, reputation is everything, whether it be online or offline, and when you build up your own business, your personal morals will really affect your venture. But how do you stay safe? Here is my list of top tips for your makeup business success.

Be careful of the company you keep 

If you constantly find yourself hanging out with the type of people who always seem to be getting into some sort of conflict or unsavoury behaviour, now is the time to back away! As soon as people recognise you as being part of that crowd, alarm bells wills automatically start to sound. Keep good company with people who respect themselves and others around them. Standards – they matter.

Analyse the reputation and success level of any new potential business associate that comes your way to make an offer

Had the call from a company or individual wanting to collaborate with you on future projects? Do a little digging first. Take a look at their website, Facebook and Twitter pages: are they full of good self promotion and updates about their industry or are they full of vulgarities and immature sentiments? What does the company THEY keep say about THEM? If it’s unfavourable, do yourself a huge favour and politely decline.

Don’t spread yourself too widely

Being selective is key. Nobody wants to work with somebody who goes rushing off to every Tom, Dick and Harry to collaborate. By creating a selective list of associates, you automatically make your business more exclusive, therefore you are deemed more valuable than somebody who would agree to projects at the drop of a hat.

Keep abreast of developments in your industry and use social media to your advantage

Okay, so you write about fashion and beauty yet your twitter feed is all about what you ate for lunch or how drunk you got at the weekend. Yes, it’s okay to have a life and talk about this over social media, but do you really want your reputation to be based solely on drunken antics and stuffing your face? Once again, be selective about the information you choose to share. If you have a genuine passion for the job you do, it won’t seem any different to you to tweet or update your friends or followers on your chosen industry – it’ll come as second nature. Try signing up to an alerts programme which will notify you on developments for your specific requirements – it’s a brilliant way to find out hot news fast and engage with your followers daily.

Analyse your success – ask for feedback and learn from it

So, you’ve done your best but still don’t feel quite satisfied with your success in the industry. Maybe somebody hasn’t been happy with the work you produced, or maybe you don’t have quite as many followers/fans as you’d hoped for. The best thing you can do is ask for feedback. Critiquing may sound scary, but how can you expect to move on and deliver a great service/run a great business without knowing what is expected from you? Ask for constructive criticism, work on your flaws and come back stronger.

As Colin Powell said:  “The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.”

I hope you enjoyed this article!

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2013.

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Online bullying: The rise of the Social Cowardice and how to survive

Keyboard warrior



Lack of bravery


After reading a post over on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site, it got me to thinking about a whole new topic. Online bullying, As anybody who follows me on Twitter or is friends with me on Facebook knows, I love to use social media. Whether it be to share something I found interesting, to keep in touch or just to touch base and promote my work, I’m constantly on the go tweeting and facebooking whatever my heart desires. But I, for one, can’t stand the whole new social media culture. I like to call it Social Cowardice.

I can’t count on even two hands the amount of horrible comments I’ve read on YouTube video blogs of the lovely beauty bloggers I follow, or the amount of abusive one liners directed at celebrities I’ve seen whilst I’ve been scrolling down my twitter feed. It’s sickening. Since when did it become okay to cyber bully? It seems to me that we’re living in a world full of bitterness and jealously. It has become customary to slate our friends and even strangers’ successes instead of celebrating it with them as we once would. This is a form of bullying – just because it’s online, it doesn’t make it any less severe. It seems harder and harder to find the more genuine people, and easier and easier to find the fakers and the backstabbers. And with a laptop to hide behind, the keyboard warriors are out in full force.

I read an interesting piece online the other day about whether fashion bloggers, or any bloggers in actual fact, have to have a thick skin. It got me thinking about my own experiences in writing, and in my opinion, I believe so – I’m not one who’s new to critics – but then again, I feel that life in general requires a thick skin.

It’s all too easy to be the centre of ridicule these days, what with total strangers having such easy access into your personal life through social media. In theory, you are letting the world in on a little piece of your being each and every time you decide to share something online.  So what should you do about it? Hide away, make all your accounts completely private and highly censor and angst over each tiny status update you decide to type? Of course not. What we need to do as a collective is learn to rise above it and accept that we can’t please everybody, no matter how hard we may try.

Remember when you were little in the playground and would get picked on by another little girl or boy? I’m pretty sure the answer your parents gave to you about this distressing behaviour was one of these: ‘they’re only picking on you because they’re jealous of you.’ Or, ‘they’re picking on you because they fancy you!’ The second part I’m sure was said a little tongue in cheek, but the first part I firmly believe to be true. It’s a known fact that if somebody is jealous of you, they’ll do all they can to ridicule you and put you down as a way of making themselves feel better. Maybe they suffered bullying once in their lives and remembered how it made them feel and wanted to transfer those feelings onto you in order to make you feel like the weak one. I don’t know that for sure, but what I do know is this: you are much better than that.

Amazing isn’t it, that they can only ever confront you from behind the comfort of one little QWERTY keyboard? You’ll find that the majority of these people – if you are unlucky to know any of them in real life – will never have the backbone to come and have a civilised conversation with you to explain what they find so amusing. So what if you write something that others ridicule? So what if you aren’t the flavour of the month? At the end of the day, we are all individual. We are all unique. And we all have this wonderful thing called freedom of speech – some of us just know how to use it more responsibly than others.

It’s a sad but true fact that in life we will all encounter a bully. Whether it be online or in reality, the only thing we need to worry about is how to handle it. So if you find yourself the centre of somebodies bitching this is what you should do – turn around and thank them. After all, they’ve made you the centre of their universe, and that’s one hell of an achievement. Countless times myself and friends have been the centre of snide remarks and inside jokes, and each time, I’ve found the best way to deal with it is to turn a blind eye. And as for the worst thing you could do? Quit what you enjoy just to fit in with their narrow, ignorant point of view.

As the quote goes: ‘Sometimes you don’t realise how far you’ve gotten until you look around at the people who are still trailing behind you.’

Happy blogging!

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2013.

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