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Certificate of Accreditation for Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection

I was recently alerted by a Professional Beauty blog post to a wonderful free educational Accreditation programme for hair, health and beauty industry professionals. The course was all about learning how to detect the early signs of Melanoma and raising awareness to improve prognosis and help to save lives.

My clients mean the world to me and I always want to ensure that I’m giving them the best care and service possible whether they’re visiting me for makeup trials, makeovers or makeup lessons. As my family and friend circle have been touched by Cancer in the past, it’s a concern that is frequently on my mind.

Certificate of Accreditation for Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection | Rachael Divers

The course is provided by SKCIN; The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity and is the MASCED Accreditation – the Melanoma and Skcin Cancer Early Detection Accreditation. Completely free, all you need to do is sign up via the MASCED website and provide your details so they can send you your information pack. My pack arrived within no time and included the programme booklet, an information booklet on sun safety and a mole ruler with check list tips. Once you’re registered, you can log in to your account online at any time and download free resources that you can either email to your clients or have posted out as hard copies. You also have the option to download a self examination body mapping chart and posters for your salon/place of work.

After learning the course materials, you log into your account and take the Accreditation which is a comprehensive online exam. Here you’ll answer questions about the risks of UVR, recap on different types of skin cancer and be put into role play situations with pretend clients to detect the early symptoms of skin cancer. It also helps you to understand how to educate your clients and broach the issue without causing alarm or upset to them in the meantime. After all, client care should be at the forefront.

The course in no way makes me an expert or able to diagnose skin cancer, but what it does do is help me to learn the early signs and symptoms of Melanoma in the hope that I can educate my clients to have their moles or skin changes checked as soon as possible by a certified GP or their Dermatologist. It’s given me peace of mind that I will be able to notice when something may be untoward and allow my clients or even friends and family to seek expert advice early.

Certificate of Accreditation for Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection | Rachael Divers

The course is absolutely wonderful and packed full of information and useful pointers. I urge all beauty professionals to take a look and consider taking the Accreditation. You may just help to save a life.

To find out more information or sign up for the Accreditation, please visit the MASCED website by clicking here. 

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel in Lollipop review

I was first introduced to Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gels back in April 2017 when I received their Cool Wave scented hand gel in one of my beauty subscription boxes. I instantly fell in love! It was the first hand cleansing gel I’d ever used that smelled beautiful – it didn’t have that typical killer antibacterial smell but instead was fragranced with the most gorgeous sweet scent. It also didn’t dry my sensitive skin out like most other hand cleansers tend to do thanks to the tiny moisturising pearls inside the gel.

As you might know if you read my blog often, I was struck down by tonsillitis, the flu and a horrible chest infection in January that I’m still fighting off. I’m definitely a Monica Geller when it comes to cleanliness and keeping things sanitary so as you can image, I flew through my two Merci Handy cleansing gels (I also had the gorgeous Sunshine scented gel that came in a different beauty box) in my bid to make sure I didn’t pass on the germs to my family. I was running low on my supply so decided to order two new bottles using my GLOSSYCREDITS (click here to read about what they are and how to get them). I ordered the Lollipop scent – described as ‘the smell of childhood treats’ I was excited for it to arrive.

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel in Lollipop review | Rachael Divers

The gorgeously pale pink gel arrived in a couple of days and I couldn’t wait to use it. I got my chief testers (my mum and dad, of course) to try the hand gel out as I was so full of flu that I couldn’t smell a thing. As suspected, they loved it and said it was a really soft, sweet smell. I knew they’d love it, I’d given them some to use on a seaside trip before lunch back in the summer and my dad proclaimed that it was ‘the best hand gel he’d ever used!’

Fast forward to today and I’m happy to say I can finally smell this gorgeous, sweet hand gel every time I use it and I love that the smell lingers for so long after use. The gel is gorgeous to use as it soaks in quickly, feels lightweight and leaves my hands feeling comfortable and clean. The bottles are the perfect handbag size so they’re easy to take along with you wherever you go. I also use this in my professional makeup kit before I work on my clients and I’ve had so many compliments on the beautiful scent.

I’m so happy that I was introduced to this brand and I’m looking forward to trying out the full range.

Shop my post
Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel
Glossybox Beauty Subscription Box
Lookfantastic Beauty Box

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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What I bought at lookfantastic with my Glossybox Credit

Glossybox is one of the beauty subscription boxes that I’ve subscribed to for a very long time. Pretty, pink and full of beauty goodies, it’s a makeup and beauty lovers dream and it’s just like receiving a gorgeous present every single month.

If you’ve never heard of Glossybox before, here’s the lowdown on how it works:

1. Set up your subscription
Firstly, you decide to subscribe to the box for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time – I subscribe for one month at a time which means my contract with the company rolls over each month and I can cancel at any time I like without any sort of penalty. I pay £10 for my box along with £3.25 postage.

2. Set up your Beauty Profile
Next, you edit your Beauty Profile on your online account (you’ll usually be promoted to do so) so that your box can be tailored to you where possible.

One of my previous Glossyboxes that came with some full sized goodies along with a luxury preview of Louise Pentland’s new book! |What I bought at lookfantastic with my Glossybox Credit | Rachael Divers

3. Wait for your box to arrive!
Your beautifully packaged box will arrive soon and will be filled with five beauty goodies. Some may even be full size and there will be a mixture of anything from haircare, skincare, makeup and even food supplements or sweet treats. It’s a surprise each month which I love!

4. Fill in your surverys
Log into your Glossybox account and fill in the surveys which are sent each month for you to rate the products inside your box. You earn GLOSSYCREDITS by filling in each survey that you can then spend with Glossybox or lookfantastic! You can also gain GLOSSYCREDIT by referring your friends, and what’s more, they’ll get a discount for using your referral too.

What I bought at lookfantastic with my Glossybox Credit | Rachael Divers

So, what did I use my GLOSSYCREDITS for this month? I tend to save my credit up for as long as possible and put it towards a future Glossybox, but seen as you can now use your GLOSSYCREDITS on lookfantastic, I thought I’d treat myself to a few new goodies!

This time I purchased the Skin Republic Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Face Sheet Mask and two gorgeous Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gels!  My order total came to £6.99 but because I’d saved up my GLOSSYCREDITS, I didn’t pay a penny and my delivery was also completely free.

I’m looking forward to saving up my GLOSSYCREDITS again and seeing what else I can pick up. If you’re thinking about trying out Glossybox, click here to use my referral link and enjoy 20% off yourself.

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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