Visiting BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about the Professional Beauty Awards and spooky Halloween makeovers

On Halloween I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the lovely people over at BBC Radio Sheffield to be interviewed and give the gorgeous Kat Harbourne a gory makeover!

I visited the Breakfast Show that’s usually presented by Toby Foster, but he was away at the time so I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rob Staton instead. I’d been invited over to talk about all things spooky – from my career in makeup to the Professional Beauty Awards, and SFX makeup to how you can pull a gory Halloween makeup look together at home using items from your kitchen cupboards. After my interview, I was to make over the lovely Kat Harbourne and turn her into something a little gruesome!

Visiting BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about the Professional Beauty Awards and spooky Halloween makeovers | Rachael Divers

The interview was great and I loved chatting to Rob about makeup, his fear of clowns and of course, what I had in store for Kat too!

So when it came to the time to make over the lovely Kat, I decided we’d do a half face zombie as we were a little pushed for a time. A zombie in transition if you will! I had a great time making Kat over and she even let me add a little blood to her look – something she wasn’t keen on before her makeover! She was the perfect model and got into the Halloween spirit so much that she even made a scare cam video of her frightening everybody in the office through the afternoon which was absolutely hilarious!

Part 1 of my BBC Radio Sheffield interview (my interview starts at 02:50)


I can’t even explain how wonderful the people at BBC Radio Sheffield are. So accommodating, friendly and so encouraging too! I had a fabulous time meeting and chatting with them and really enjoyed my interview too.

Part 2 of my BBC Radio Sheffield interview


Thank you so much to BBC Radio Sheffield for inviting me over – I loved my first ever radio appearance and can’t wait to go back again sometime soon!

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