10 Do’s and Don’ts for your Wedding Day Makeup

Wedding makeup can be dangerous territory for the unsuspecting bride. From the ever-dreaded hidden flashback of certain foundations to dodgy fake tans. So what should you do and what should you avoid when it comes to makeup for your special day? Here are my 10 do’s and don’ts for your wedding day makeup…

1. Book in with a professional for your wedding day makeup
No, this is not a sales pitch but actually very good advice. All too often I’ve had brides calling me at the last minute hoping to book in when they can’t get their wedding makeup quite as they’d wanted it to be. From cakey foundation to wonky eyeliner – booking a professional will take the pressure off you on your day, and you can take peace of mind in knowing that your professional makeup artist knows exactly which products to use and which to give the boot when it comes to bridal makeovers. Nobody wants to have a mental breakdown over false lashes on their wedding morning, that’s your time to sit and sip your champagne and enjoy a good old pamper so call in the professionals and keep it drama-free.

2. Adopt a skincare routine and stick to it
Getting into a good skincare routine before your big day will ensure that you look and feel your most radiant. Professional skincare specialists and dermatologists will be able to tailor advice to suit your individual skincare needs and help you to set up a regimen to have your skin looking the best it can. Any makeup relies on a good base. Just like building a house, you’ve got to have those foundations set in place before you can build your masterpiece, so getting your skincare in check is half of the battle. Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, eating healthily and getting the exercise you need will all aid your skin in looking amazing for the big day.

Wedding Makeup in Barnsley | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

Beautifully polished, timeless makeup always looks stunning for bridal makeovers

3. Invest in your makeup
Your wedding makeup needs to last all day and into the evening and also withstand any tears. Your guests will probably be wanting to shower you in hugs and kisses a plenty so it’s important to make sure that your makeup is both waterproof and won’t transfer. If you’re planning to do your own wedding makeup, it’s really worth investing in a long-wear foundation, waterproof mascara and great setting powder to make sure your makeup is looking its best throughout the day. Some makeup artists like myself offer makeup lessons specifically for brides so that they can learn how to apply their own wedding makeup, get recommendations on products to suit their skin, and also learn how to get the longest wear from their makeup.

4. Make sure that any waxing is completed no less than a week before your big day
Waxing your brows on the day of your wedding is a huge no for several different reasons. Number one is that waxing often causes redness (which yes, can be covered with makeup) and bumps on the skin (which cannot be covered). Number two is that primers and foundations won’t be able to adhere to the skin properly if there are any traces of wax left behind.

5. Make sure to arrive to your bridal trial or on the day with a fresh face
There is nothing worse as a makeup artist than having a client turn up with a full face of makeup for their appointment. For one, it eats into the appointment time having to remove the makeup and re-prep the skin, and for two, the skin can become irritated with the amount of removing and re-applying involved. When my clients arrive, I need to see their skin clean and clear – it gives me best grounds for an accurate consultation and ensures that all of the products I use will work in synergy with their skin type.

10 Do's and Don'ts for your Wedding Day Makeup | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

10 Do’s and Don’ts for your Wedding Day Makeup | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

6. Stray too far from your trial look
Bridal trials are there for a reason – they help you to see how the makeup will wear throughout the day, whether your skin will react to any of the products, whether you’re truly comfortable in your chosen makeup look and also, how the makeup will photograph. Changing your mind on the day is a big no no and causes extra stress and pressure for both yourself and your makeup artist. You’ll want to look back on your wedding images with pride and happiness and still be thrilled with how beautiful you looked. Making drastic changes will guarantee that you won’t feel like yourself and could even give your unsuspecting groom a bit of a shock as you descend down the aisle too!

7. Go overboard with the fake tan
Fake tans can be the absolute devil when it comes to bridal makeovers. Streaky, uneven and even smelly at times. A lot of the time, fake tan looks unsightly on wedding photographs too and it can be a real nightmare to colour match. And lets not even talk about the horror of that orange glow transferring onto your pristine white dress. If you really must have a tan for your big day, have it applied professionally two to three days beforehand so that it looks more natural on your skin and has time to settle in. It’s also important to make sure that you also have a tan before your trial if you intend to have one on your big day to ensure colours are matched properly and the final look is what you anticipated.

8. Choose too much glitter
A little glitter on the eyes can look absolutely beautiful, but this is your wedding day and what’s fashionable right now won’t necessarily be up there in years to come. Avoid going for looks that are too trend-led and stick with beautifully polished, classic makeup that will stand the test of time. A little collarbone, cheekbone and brow-bone shimmer will look beautiful, but splashing the glitter around on the body or hair rarely looks good – in fact, it can even look like dandruff on your professional images, and nobody wants that on their big day.

Wedding Makeup in Barnsley | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

Choosing a key feature to play up such as your eyes ensures your wedding makeup looks flawless, defined and truly stunning

9. Go too heavy
Going overboard with bridal makeup is never a good idea. Yes, the makeup does need to be a little heavier to last all day and define your features for your professional photographs, but this doesn’t mean you have to go HAM on the contour, smokey eyes, brows and lips. All too often brides see beautiful makeup looks on Instagram that play up every single feature of the face all at once, but what they might not realise is that most of those images are heavily edited and don’t look so cute in real life. If only we could walk around a Valencia filter on all day hey? Choose one or two key features to play up and let the other aspects of your makeup fall gently into place around them.

10. Let anybody else tell you what you should or shouldn’t have
So, this might sound quite contradictory after the whole tone of this post but hear me out. Brides can be under immense pressure from their parents, bridesmaids and friends as to exactly how they should look for their wedding day. If you’re a girl who wears instaglam makeup daily and wouldn’t be seen without your scouse brow, then do you on your wedding day! Know your own mind. While taking advice can be helpful, if you don’t feel like yourself in the makeup you’ve chosen for your special day, you really won’t enjoy your day as much, feel confident or like your wedding images. Your wedding day is special, you get to be a princess for the day and feel and look absolutely stunning, so make sure you get exactly what YOU want. Makeup is all about individuality, let your inner self shine through and you’ll never look anything less than beautiful.

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