16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016

Welcome to my first post of 2017 and a very happy new year to you! I hope that you had a wonderful time seeing in the new year with your loved ones and that 2017 brings you so much love, success, health, wealth and of course, happiness.

My last post was a reflection on 16 things I learned in 2016, and it got me to thinking of all the lovely things that happened in 2016 that I never touched on. The new year always feels exciting to me, and I’m keen to get cracking with my business and make lots of lovely new memories and leaps forward in my personal life this year. With that in mind, here are 16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 both in my personal and business life!

1. I reconnected with a few old friends
Getting back in touch with a few old friends made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Reminiscing over old memories together and getting to know the same people you used to love is such a lovely feeling!

16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 | Rachael Divers

One of my lovely friends being an amazing makeup model for me for the Jane Iredale Makeup Competition 2016 |16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 | Rachael Divers

2. I made a few new friends too
Making friends for life isn’t something you think you’ll manage at 28 years of age, but I’m happy to say that I have! I feel blessed to have met and call these lovely people my friends and I know they’ll be there whenever I need them and vice versa.

3. I gained a higher qualification in Media Makeup
I am fully trained in Complete Makeup Artistry, but I always want to try and further my knowledge and be the best that I can be. To do this, I need to invest in my skill set and keep learning and growing. Gaining my qualification was a highlight and allowed me to progress with my career.

4. I took on makeup training with P Louise Makeup Academy
Whether you love her work or not, Paige Louise caused quite a stir in the world of makeup in 2016 and lots of makeup artists tried to re-create her looks. I went along to a one-to-one makeup class with one of her amazing artists, Karis, and took my gorgeous friend as my model. We worked together to create a beautiful classic Asian bridal look and I picked up some new tricks and tips.

Unedited image of Emily's gorgeous Asian Bridal Makeup look | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

My gorgeous friend modelling the classic Asian Bridal makeup look created by Karis and myself | 16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 | Rachael Divers

5. I made my debut in teaching
Getting to teach at college level alongside one of my lovely friends was a great achievement for me this year! I got to teach media makeup to a lovely bunch of students – some of which I still keep in touch with. Makeup is ever evolving, and not only was I teaching these lovely ladies, but they were teaching me too. It’s always interesting to see how others interpret a brief or a way of applying makeup and you never, ever stop learning.

6. I made YouTube a regular thing
A year ago last December, I nervously filmed, edited and uploaded my very first YouTube video and sat in the background waiting for the backlash and torments to start. But guess what? All that happened was an influx of lovely comments, video likes and compliments from the company I’d featured. I was thrilled and very excited for where I could go with my YouTube channel next. Over the year, I got into the swing of filming and editing and built up a gorgeous community of followers who are loyal to my channel and write some absolutely messages to me upon uploading. It means the world to me and I’m so thrilled to have built up a small, but wonderful, kind and caring group of subscribers to who I am so grateful to.

7. I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Leeds with my parents
I love trips out with my parents and treasure my time with them, but because of hectic work schedules, we rarely get any quality time together at all. This year, I booked us all out to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Leeds Grand Theatre. We had an amazing night and laughed, danced and sang our way through the show. You can’t beat family time.

YouTube Blog banner advert

My very first YouTube video | 16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 | Rachael Divers

8. I moved forward with my health issues
For a few years now I’ve been quietly unwell. I don’t tend to discuss my health or personal issues online as for one, people don’t want to read about health ailments on a beauty blog, and for two, I wanted to work my way through things privately. This year saw lots of tests, doctors and hospital visits and a few very dark days. But I’m pleased to say that things are now moving forward in a more positive direction and I’m starting to feel like the old me again, something I haven’t felt for many years. 2017 is the year of change.

9. I was given the role of Beauty Ambassador for Lookfantastic 
A lovely makeup client of mine recommended me to Lookfantastic to work as a Beauty Ambassador and after chatting with the fabulous Affiliate Marketing Manager, I was signed up and ready to go. This was such an exciting opportunity to me and a company that I’m so proud to be affiliated with. The Lookfantastic team are absolutely amazing and have helped me to grow with not only my social following, but with my confidence too.

10. I gained overwhelming support as a nominee for the Best Wedding Beauty Professional in the 2017 Bridebook Wedding Awards
I was nominated for the Best Wedding Beauty Professional in the 2017 Bridebook Wedding Awards on the 30th November 2016. To get through to the shortlist (which will be announced on the 16th January), I’d need to get lots of lovely votes. I shared the news of my nomination across my social media channels and was absolutely thrilled to see my votes shoot up as my friends shared the news with their friends and kindly spread the word far and wide. I’m sitting with my fingers crossed hoping to get through to the shortlist and then the finals, but I feel so humbled at how many people have taken the time out to click to vote for me. You can view my Bridebook profile here if you’d like to vote for me in the meantime.


I was nominated for the Best Wedding Beauty Professional! How exciting! | 16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 | Rachael Divers

11. I visited the Good Ship Benefit in London and got to take my mum with me
Lookfantastic held an amazing event with Benefit aboard their Good Ship Benefit in London. Mum and I got to go along, meet the team, try out the new Benefit brow products, have a few lovely drinks and mingle with the other guests on board. It was a fabulous experience for both of us and the first affiliate event that I visited. I really enjoyed our trip and the experience of the Good Ship Benefit!

12. I won the Glossybox May Glambassador title
Glossybox sent me a beautiful golden bow necklace and announced me as May’s Glossybox Glambassador. It was such a lovely surprise and the necklace was just beautiful! I never, ever win anything so this was just amazing.

13. I tried my hand at Pole Fitness
Yes. I went to Pole classes! But it’s not exactly what you think. Nobody would come along with me to pole class, so off I went by myself to see what the hype was about and to put myself to the test. To say it was hard work is an understatement! The amazing tutor built my strength on the pole up over the weeks and even got me doing a headstand against the pole by week 4! I would never have dared go to a class like that on my own in 2015, so I was pretty proud of this achievement even though I didn’t keep it up for a massively long time.

14. My business continued to grow
As a self employed business owner, worrying about the success of your business is an every day occurrence. I was absolutely thrilled to welcome many new and old clients to the studio in 2016 and had a great time applying beautiful (and gory!) makeup to all of them. Some of my highlights were getting to make over some stunning brides, making up the gorgeous NatWest ladies for their headshots, making over some beautiful women for their feminine portrait shoots, and of course, goring up lots of lovely ladies and gentlemen ahead of their Halloween parties!


My Mum and I enjoying a glass of wine aboard the Good Ship Benefit | 16 amazing things that happened for me in 2016 | Rachael Divers

15. I got to spend more quality time with my family and friends
Over Christmas and the run up to New Year, I got to spend more quality time with those that I love. The back end of this year has provided me with some lovely quality time with both friends and family and helped me to make some lovely memories too. It’s the simple things in life that matter, like a visit from your family or a walk out in the woods, and doing them with the people we love make them all the more special. Work, work and more work has made it difficult to chill out and spend quality time in the past, so it’s been a real treat to indulge in some gorgeous downtime with those that I hold dear.

16. I realised that actually, I’m doing okay
Sometimes, we’re all too hard on ourselves to realise how far we’ve come, what goals we’ve achieved and how much we’ve grown as people. 2016 was a really tough year, but writing this post helped me to remember some of the lovely things that had happened too. I was forever thinking that I was falling short, not good enough and sinking under water, but actually, I’m doing okay. I have my family and truly wonderful friends around me, I have a roof over my head, food on the table and my two beautiful dogs. Some people are far less fortunate than me and that’s a grounding thought to really put things into perspective.

I hope that 2017 will be the year of opportunity and growth for my business, and that my family and friends have a truly amazing year and achieve all of their goals. Thank you so much to family, friends and my gorgeous clients that have supported me throughout 2016. You have no idea how much I appreciate you all. Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

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