17 great things that happened in 2017

At the end of every year I love to make a list about the great things that happened during that year. Not only does it allow me to remember some amazing times, but it also helps me to reflect on my year and see how I’d like to move things forward for the new year too. And of course, it’s something to look back on in years to come. So, here my list of 17 great things that happened in 2017!

1. I was highly commended in the Bridebook Wedding Awards
This was a huge achievement for me and such a happy time within my business and personal life. I was and am so proud to have been highly commended and be named amongst some absolutely amazing artists and wedding suppliers within my industry.

2. I won the LUX Wedding Awards
I was named as the Best Wedding Hair and Makeup Salon in Barnsley which was an incredible achievement!

3. I made it to the finals of the Professional Beauty Awards 2018 under the Make Up Specialist of the Year 2018 category
This is the biggie – I never thought I’d make it through the first round, never mind make the finals! I attended the finals in London and applied a Spring/Summer 2018 look to a model before being interviewed by the judges. I’ll be attending the awards dinner in London in February and can’t wait to see the lovely finalists again and see how we all did in the competition. It’s going to be an amazing night!

4. I was interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield twice – once for my Halloween work and once for a personal bit of storytelling
I was invited to BBC Radio Sheffield to make over Kat Harbourne and also chat about my Halloween makeovers and tips and tricks. It was a brilliant morning and I was thrilled when the station invited me back for a personal interview with Rony Robinson. It’s the most personal interview I’ve ever given and I loved every minute.

5. I got my first ever TV makeup gig and got to make over some pretty famous faces 
I was booked to work with Eurosport on the Snooker English Open and got to make over Andy Goldstein, Jimmy White, Joe Johnson, Mark Selby and Neal Foulds. I also got to meet and sit in on Ronnie O’Sullivan’s live TV interviews along with Kyren Wilson and many more. It was an amazing experience with a fabulous team of people that welcomed me with open arms and looked after me from the word go.

Working on the English Snooker Open | 17 great things that happened in 2017 | Rachael Divers

6. I met so many interesting people who influenced me in a positive way and helped me to gain confidence unbeknownst to them 
Working with the Eurosport team and meeting beautiful new clients and colleagues was a huge part of 2017. So many of the people I met left me with that warm fuzzy feeling and gave me advice and encouragement that helped me to gain more confidence and keep a positive outlook. To those people, I’m truly thankful.

7. I found the perfect groomers for my dogs which gave me huge peace of mind
My dogs are my babies and after a horrific experience with a local groomer that shaved them, cut them and completely distressed them I didn’t want to step foot into another groomers ever again. Alfie was left with cuts and blisters that needed veterinary attention and Lily was burned with the clippers. My dogs are double coated so shaving them is a huge no. I was that heartbroken when I went to pick my dogs up from their appointment that I almost collapsed and cried for days. Thankfully, their fur grew back after seven or so months but has never been the same. Alfie’s fur was silver before he was shaved and he’s never got the same colouring or texture back. The dog grooming industry isn’t regulated and there’s no need for the groomer to have insurance so I basically didn’t have a leg to stand on regarding complaints or a solution to my problem. After a long time, I found a fabulous dog grooming salon in Silkstone called Ruperts. The staff are attentive, kind, patient and so full of knowledge on each dog breed. I tentatively left my dogs there for a groom and I was thrilled when I picked them up. They looked perfect and most of all, they weren’t distressed at all! I’ve been taking them there ever since and finally feel peace of mind that I’ve found the right groomer. If you’re local and looking for a dog groomer, I highly recommend them. They’re amazing and truly care for your animals too.

8. I got to spend more quality time with my mum and dad 
Although we live and work in the same places, I hardly get to spend any time with my parents as they’re always working. Even on Sundays or Bank Holidays, I hardly see them. This year I managed to squeeze in the odd cinema trip with my dad or quick lunch with my mum which I really enjoyed. The only time I get to spend quality time with my parents is Christmas Day, and even then, it’s only a few hours as we eat dinner before my dad is back to working again or off doing his own thing.

9. I improved on my makeup skills
I’m constantly working hard on refreshing my skills as a makeup artist and learning new tricks and techniques. This year I really pushed myself to learn more and force myself out of my comfort zone. Over Halloween I played around with body painting and life casting which I’ve never done before and even made my own accessories to go with the characters that I created. For party makeup, I worked hard to learn ultra-dramatic makeup application and experimented with new ways to create flawless, glowing skin for bridal clients.

10. I worked at the Yorkshire Scare Grounds and provided makeup for the live scare actors along with a fabulous team
Working with the Yorkshire Scare Grounds team was a fabulous experience and I really improved my speed of working during my time there. It was so surreal to be in a room full of werewolves, dead army soldiers, undertakers and zombies as they all practised their lines and marched around looking totally terrifying. I met some great people and learned about a couple of new products too!

Visiting BBC Radio Sheffield on Halloween | 17 great things that happened in 2017 | Rachael Divers

11. I spent more time with the people that matter and left behind the people that didn’t impact my life positively
I spent more time with the people that mean most to me within my family and friend circle – from mate dates to family gatherings. My parents went away on holiday to Portugal and during that week, I spent a lot of time with my lovely auntie who cooked a gorgeous meal for me and came to visit for coffee and cake.

12. I had a makeover with the celebrity makeup artist Armand Beasley and learned about new products that refreshed my zest for skincare again
I first met Armand at the Professional Beauty Awards Final in London as he was one of the judges for my category. I visited his workshop on Party Makeup at Sandersons Boutique Store at Fox Valley before booking in for a one-to-one makeover with him. It was amazing to see how he did my makeup and to hear his advice on skincare products and general health for beauty was fabulous. I learned a lot and he gave me plenty of food for thought.

13. I finished my course of Accutane and finally felt happy with my skin after six years of struggling with it
I tentatively decided to take Accutane after trying so many alternatives to help my skin that just didn’t work. It wasn’t all plain sailing but I came out of the other side with the skin of my dreams just before Christmas. I’m so glad that I had the treatment and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can continue my life with much better skin.

14. I started acting as an extra with a casting agency and secured a role in a BBC Drama, appeared on a TV advert and had a role in a major blockbuster coming out this year
I took the plunge and applied to an acting agency where I was thankfully accepted and put onto their books. Since being signed up I’ve gotten to be in the BBC’s The A Word series 2, a Sky Bet TV advert and a major blockbuster film (the film is called Gold and is all about the 1948 Olympic Games that saw the Indian Hockey team win gold) that will be released on Independence Day this year alongside some of the biggest stars in the world of Bollywood.

15. I spent a day at the seaside with my mum, dad and two dogs
We all spent pretty much a full day in Bridlington together walking along the beach, eating fish, chips and ice cream and generally having a great day. It might not seem like such a great thing to most people, but as I mentioned before, I don’t get to spend much quality time with my parents. It was the first time they’ve seen Lily and Alfie on a beach enjoying running around like two crazy pups so it was a lovely memory for us all.

Making over one of my beautiful bridal clients | 17 great things that happened in 2017 | Rachael Divers

16. I got to teach young girls at our local school all about natural makeup for confidence building
Teaching is something that I’m hugely passionate about, so when I was given the opportunity to teach young girls at our local school how to apply natural makeup, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been twice now and in the hourly session I demonstrate makeup artistry, show them how to create a flawless but natural look that’s school appropriate and also answer any questions they might have and let them play around with the products. I was thrilled that MAC kindly supported me and sent me some products across for the girls to use, it was amazingly kind of them and a dream come true to have a company that I looked up to so much (and still do) when I was younger support me.

17. I came to the realisation that I don’t need to depend on anybody but myself
This year I finally realised that I don’t need anybody standing by my side to accomplish anything. I’m independent, I have self confidence, self belief and I know that the only person I need to rely on is myself. Sure, my parents are always here to give me advice, support me and encourage me but it’s great to know that I don’t need somebody to lean on but there are people there in case I’d like to.

It’s not until I sat down to think about my 17 great things that happened in 2017 that I realised just how amazing this last year has truly been. It’s been the most successful year for my little business without a doubt. I hope that 2018 allows me the opportunities to create the same success and I’m really looking forward to this fresh new year. New beginnings, new goals and new achievements.

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