A rare spot of shopping

I mentioned a little while ago that I was going to start incorporating more lifestyle posts onto my blog where I could share other things with you all other than just beauty! Although I do eat, sleep and breathe makeup and beauty, I do have other interests too…honest!

Today is going to be another lifestyle post to tell you all about our past weeks adventures!

As usual, my week got off to a great start with some gorgeous makeovers! One of my favourite makeovers was with this beautiful lady, Vicky! I’ve had the pleasure of doing Vicky’s makeup a couple of times now, and she looks flawless each and every time. She looks stunning every time I see her and she has the most gorgeous skin to die for!

Vicky\s gorgeous makeover all ready for a special evening out

Vicky’s gorgeous makeover all ready for a special evening out

I made a rare trip to Meadowhall mid week to do a little shopping ahead of Father’s Day, my Dad’s birthday and Mum and Dad’s anniversary (phew!) As my Mum and dad got married on my Dad’s birthday, it’s always cause for an extra celebration. I’ve never been one who’s really enjoyed shopping on my own, but this day, I had a field day whisky tasting at Il Gusto, chocolate tasting at Hotel Chocolat and eating a delicious Tokyo take out platter from YO! Sushi. I managed to pick up some gorgeous gifts, but I can’t share them with you just yet because I know my Mum and Dad read my blog posts from time to time! I also picked up two MAC lipsticks – Honey Love and Bombshell – and a NYX Gel Eyeliner (I’ll be reviewing this soon!)


Back2MAC gave me two gorgeous new lipsticks! Honey Love for me, and Bombshell for my Mum!

After Meadowhall, it was time to take my gorgeous pooches, Lily and Alfie, out for a long walk. We headed up to Sandal Castle but little Alfie was still raring to go after our short walk, so we dropped down to Thornes Park to go see the swans and geese before the heavens opened and we were hit with a massive rain storm.


YO! Sushi to go!


Lily and Alfie enjoying their walkies at Thornes Park

The rest of the week went by in a bit of a blur – I was hit with that horrible flu-like virus that seems to be dragging everybody down right now and I’m still battling with it as I sit typing today (Sunday). I’m hoping another trip to the doctors along with plenty of hot toddies and puppy cuddles will sort me right out.

We also had another celebration this week as my beautiful little Lily turned six! Where on earth the years have gone to I just don’t know. I’d wanted a dog all my life but had always been highly allergic to all animals. One day, me and Danny were walking by a lake and found a gorgeous stray that was a cross between a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua, miraculously I wasn’t allergic to her! We took her home and looked after her until the dog warden could collect her and decided to adopt her if she wasn’t claimed. Devastatingly, the day before we were meant to collect her we found out she’d been picked up. I was absolutely heartbroken – I’d wished for a dog for years and felt like my chance had been ripped away from me. Luckily, my mum and dad had other plans and took me to see a beautiful litter of chihuahua puppies and I picked out my gorgeous little Lily!


Lily’s 6th Birthday!

Of course, seen as Lily had her birthday and had a gift or two to open, Alfie also got in on the action and acquired a new hat from Pets at Home! Surprisingly, he loves his new accessory and has taken to carrying it around the house with him along with his hankie that he loves to chew. Such a gentleman!


Alfie’s living the Thug Life with his trendy new cap!

Today, me and the pups are having a lazy day at home and enjoying a couple of teas and coffees, and watching the new series of Orange Is The New Black while I try and make myself feel a little more human once again for another busy week! I’ve heard that tea helps to solve most problems, even more so when it comes in such a beautiful cup…


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