My Accutane Journey | Month 6: Lowering my dose

As I’m sure you’ll know if you already read my blog or follow me on social media, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the last few weeks. My body seems to be taking a little while to feel 100% again, and I think that I might have the answers as to why. Although I haven’t felt my usual self, I’ve been so enjoying meeting and making over my lovely clients and continuing with my work. I have so much Halloween preparations to be getting on with (I’m currently planning a look for the BBC Radio Sheffield Breakfast Show on Halloween!) along with planning my look for the Professional Beauty National Awards Final in London soon! I love my job so much that it would take a lot more than aches and pains to keep me away from my favourite place – our beautiful studio!

My Accutane Journey | Month 6: Lowering my dose | Rachael Divers

So, Wednesday marked my six month Accutane check up – I’m now 3/4 of my way through my Accutane journey which is just unbelievable. The months have just seemed to fly by this year and I can hardly believe that I’m almost at the end of the Accutane road!

On my most recent check up, I saw the lovely nurse that I’ve seen a fair few times now – she’s like a real life Disney princess. So pretty and kind and caring too. She carefully discussed my month with me and asked about any new side effects that I might have encountered (nothing new to report this month, yippee!) and also told me that I looked a little run down. I went on to explain to her the whole bad chest and viral infection fiasco and how it’s been clinging on for longer than I’d have expected. She explained that sometimes Accutane can affect your body in a way that it takes much longer to recover from illness, (even a heavy gym session can result in excess aches and pains for days) and thought it might be a good idea to lower my dose just for a week or two to see how I get along. Of course, I agreed and have been taking her advice.

My Accutane Journey | Month 6: Lowering my dose | Rachael Divers

I really don’t have anything new to report this month at all, but thought the connection between my recovery and Accutane was an interesting topic to bring up and might be helpful to mention. Now that I’ve lowered my dose for the time being, I’m expecting to spring back to 100% in no time!

I’m so pleased with how my skin is looking at the moment too, it’s still completely clear and seems to be on an even keel. I haven’t suffered with excess dryness at all over the last few months (expect for dry lips but they are firmly under control) and I really hope that continues into month seven.

I can’t wait to bring you my next update soon!

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