My Accutane Journey | Week 4: Disappointing blood test results and skin progress

Week four of Accutane went pretty much the same way as week three – all in all, not too much to report. However, week four called for me to visit my dermatologist once again to have my monthly Accutane check-up. Off I went to the hospital on the Monday to have my bloods taken, and back I returned on the Wednesday to have my check up, receive my blood test results and also take a mandatory pregnancy test before I could get my new monthly prescription.

My Accutane Journey | Week 4: Disappointing blood test results and skin progress | Rachael Divers

I sat with the nurse in an office and she discussed my side effects with me thus far. She asked if I’d had any nose bleeds or headaches and I filled her in on the side effects I’d had (mainly just dry lips and dry skin with several painful breakouts). The nurse discussed my blood test results with me which weren’t too favourable and decided a course of action with me which leads me to today!

Below, you can watch my round up of month 1 on Accutane, hear all about the products that have been my go-to’s and also hear all about my blood test results and what’s happening with my treatment from this point onwards.

I’ve decided that I’m going to update my blog and YouTube channel monthly with my Accutane updates – for one, I don’t want my lovely readers to get bored with four Accutane posts each month, and for two, I only post three times a week and I have so much more different types of content that I’d love to cover within those posts.  I hope that you enjoy my video – don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up if you enjoy it, and also subscribe if you’re new so you don’t miss any videos in the future!

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