April 2017 Birchbox Unboxing | The Birchbox x Boden Edit

The April 2017 Birchbox dropped through my door yesterday and brightened my busy afternoon. Who wouldn’t want a delivery of gorgeous beauty products encased in a special Boden inspired floral print box? If you don’t know who Boden are, they are an amazing British fashion brand that are so iconic and known for their colourful collections full of prints and beautiful cuts. Their wrap dresses are what summer days by the beach were made for.

‘Be bold, take risks and be a trailblazer‘ is the Birchbox mantra of the month, and one which I will be fully embracing. I think it’s important to do things in life that scare us from time to time – and to take a risk or a leap of faith often leads to moving forward. Onwards and upwards to the next exciting adventure. After all, if we fail, all we are is back to the start, and before our leap of faith, that seemed like a pretty safe place to be.

Although I’m talking on a larger scale, taking risks doesn’t always have to mean something big, it might be something as simple as wearing that beautiful pop of highlight that you’ve always been too afraid to wear. Embrace the fear, be bold and beautiful and let your confidence radiate through.

This month’s box is my second ever Birchbox, and once again, it hasn’t disappointed me in the slightest. I can’t wait to try out some beautiful new beauty discoveries and share them with you all.

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