Beauty products that I regret buying

After enjoying watching vlogs and reading blog posts about some of the disappointing products some of my fellow beauty lovers have encountered, I thought it was high time I shared a few of the beauty products that I regret buying too.

It’s not too often that I commit to buying a product unless I know full well that it will suit me and work as it should, but sometimes, some just slip the net.

As I was in the process of moving when I wrote this post, I didn’t have too many products left over at my Manchester home but after a little dig around in the beauty drawer of no return – the drawer where all the less than impressive products are placed – I found a few that I had forgotten about. So, here are the beauty products that I regret buying!

Beauty products that I regret buying Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

1. Inecto Pure Coconut Intensely Moisturisng Hand and Nail Cream
This was a product I bought on a whim when I first moved to Manchester and the fact that it was meant to be scented like coconut sold it to me! Being one of my favourite scents, I had high expectations about this ‘intensely moisturising’ cream! Paraben free and labelled as a lightweight, non-greasy formula, I was keen to try it out. The cream is lightweight and non-greasy but doesn’t feel like an intense moisturiser at all and the scent it leaves behind on the skin is far from attractive.

2. Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light
Now, this is a beauty product that I just wish I could get along with as I adore the finish it leaves on my skin immediately after application. The problem I have is this – my face turns into an oil slick a mere 30 minutes or so after application and I have an almost ash/grey tone in certain areas of my face. I’ve tried so many ways to make this foundation work for me but sadly, the results are always the same.

3. Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation
Okay, so the coverage on this is great and it’s easy to blend, the colour matches my skin beautifully and it’s more than affordable, but I just can’t stand the wet look and feel that it retains on my skin throughout the day. To read my full thoughts on this foundation, take a look at my Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation review here.

So, there it is, short and sweet! A list of beauty products that I regret buying. As I said earlier, it’s not usual for me to buy into a product unless I’m almost certain that it’s going to work well for me because I just can’t stand to waste my money on something that isn’t going to live up to the hype.

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