Kahina Argan Oil review

I was so excited to receive this gorgeous package of Kahina Argan Oil to review. Kahina, the luxury market skin care company which gives back 25% of its profits to the Berber women, was first born after founder Katharine Phillips L’Heureux discovered the effectiveness of pure Argan oil. After a trip to Morocco, Katharine believed she had finally found her long sought after Holy Grail of simple, effective and organic skincare. The Kahina website states that: “Kahina is named for a Berber queen and prophetess who reigned in Morocco circa 700 CE. Kahina represents empowerment and vision for women worldwide.”

Katharine says that she strongly believes in the possibility of connecting with people from other cultures and creating an environment in which the little things can positively affect the lives of others: “I try to travel at least twice a year because I think it is important to get to know the Berber women to better understand their needs and not presume to know what is most important to them” Katharine says, “We are committed to helping these women by giving back 25% of the profits from the sale of Kahina Giving Beauty products to support initiatives to help these women.”

Kahina Argan Oil review

The philosophy of the company is simple: to help women through shared beauty rituals. The company say that they believe in creating rituals out of their regimens by giving meaning to our daily beauty routines, highlighting region specific ingredients and giving back to the indigenous women who harvest and produce the ingredients at the core of our products. They believe that by creating beautiful products which are both organic and effective, they can help women in need around the world.

Kahina Argan Oil review

What is Argan oil?

So, what exactly is the miracle Argan oil and what can it do for you? Well aside from having high concentrations  of nutrients that are essential for healthy skin, the oil contains potent antioxidants and neutralizes free radicals – known to be the second biggest cause of ageing skin. The oil helps to reduce inflammation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect the skin from environmental factors. The non-greasy oil sinks easily into the skin, instantly adding rejuvenation and a healthy glow.

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous bottle of Kahina Argan Oil to try, and have to say I am very impressed. The minimalist packaging looks fresh and organic, and the glossy black bottle with white font and stylish pipette makes the product look exclusive.

The packaging explains the uses of Argan oil and explains how the plant sterols active in Argan soothes irritation and can treat skin conditions naturally.

How to use

Argan can be used after cleansing the face morning and night as a moisturiser, and can also be used as an all over body oil. It can also be dropped into a bath to relieve dry skin. The oil works well on hair to restore shine and relieve frizz, and also works well as a hand treatment to revive tired, dry skin.

The oil can also be mixed with a few household kitchen supplies to make various face masks. The most recent face mask tutorial featured on the Kahina blog combines organic honey, organic yogurt, strawberries and of course, a little Argan oil. To see the video on how to make the mask, click here.

Kahina Argan Oil review

The verdict

I love the consistency of the oil and it absorbs into the skin quickly. I tried the oil as a moisturiser on my face after cleansing and was happy with the results – my skin felt comfortable and soft and had a healthy- not greasy – glow to it. I didn’t feel like my skin had been slathered in product which is how it can tend to feel when using a regular moisturising day or night cream. The light feel of the oil was a welcome change.

I also tried the oil on my hair after washing to see if it really did work to combat frizz. I towel dried my hair then applied a small amount of oil onto the ends before blow drying. The results were good but I felt like my hair was left with a little build up.

As a body moisturiser, I believe the oil is a good alternative to regular creams – it feels lovely and light and makes the skin feel smooth and comfortable for hours after application.

Kahina Argan Oil review

Where can I buy it?

The oil is available to buy from Beauty Works West for £74 per 100ml.

Kahina also supply the following products; Toning mist, Antioxidant Mist, Eye Serum, Eye Cream, Serum, Lotion and Facial Cleanser. All of the aforementioned are available to purchase on the Beauty Works West website which you can access by clicking here.

I hope that you enjoyed my Kahina Argan Oil review!

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