Beauty Room Tour: The Christmas Edition

I always love looking at room or office tours over on my favourite blogger’s sites, so today, I thought I’d share my room tour with you all now that I’m fully settled into my workspace and set up for Christmas! Welcome to my beauty room tour…

After moving back to my parent’s home after living in Manchester for six months, my mum and dad kindly gave up their dining room so that I could have my very own makeup office in the house. It meant that I could escape to my little room to get on with my admin, makeup work and filming while they had the full run of the studio that we all share on our shoots. The room is decorated in a neutral cream with a wooden floor and a floor to ceiling window and black out blind. I love that I have my own little space where I can be productive throughout the day!

My furniture is made up of two drawers, a table top and desk chair that I got from Ikea, and a gorgeous statement Hollywood mirror that I use when I’m getting ready on a morning. I’m quite a minimalistic person so I like clean, tidy spaces that are light and airy. You can see my full room view below!


I love clean, white spaces so much. They help me to concentrate and get on with the more creative side of my work. My two sets of drawers contain everything from my daily makeup, products that are filed away ready for upcoming videos and reviews, my paperwork, filming equipment and my hairstyling bits and bobs. I also keep a box file for my important papers and business receipts. My canvas prints on the wall were given to me as a gift from my parents, they feature gorgeous fashion illustrations that are inspired by Dior. I think they make a stylish addition to my room! The two cat beds under my desk actually belong to my two Chihuahuas, Lily and Alfie! They love to sit under my desk and keep me company while I’m working and because they’re so tiny, they love burrowing away inside cat beds and keeping snuggly and warm.



One of my favourite decorations on my desk is this gorgeous Eiffel Tower business card holder. It was given to me as a gift as I have such a love for Paris and I really do think it’s such a special addition to my desk. As for my business cards, I usually go for white, cream and gold designs, but this time, I thought this colour scheme along with the vintage roses looked really stylish so I decided to order a batch of these instead.



I was gifted this cute little Japanese Daruma Doll by one of my makeup suppliers as a thank you for using their services over the Halloween period. I thought it was a lovely gesture and I love the story behind the Daruma Dolls! The Doll is a trinket of good luck in Japan and different coloured dolls bring different types of luck – the one I have is for good fortune. The idea is that you draw on one of your Daruma Doll’s eyes whilst focusing on your goal. You then put the doll somewhere close by to watch over you and bring you luck, and remind you to keep focusing on your goal. When you reach your goal, you draw the other eye onto the Doll and give thanks. How cute is that? I love the idea behind this and have had my Daruma Doll sat on my mirror ledge ever since.



Candles make my working environment relaxing and ambient, and I work so much better in a tranquil room. I love to have a candle burning whatever I’m doing and it always feels so luxurious! My tall candle holder was a gift from my mum when I first moved to Leeds and I got my beloved brush holder (which is actually a plant pot) from Ikea. The bow around the pot came from a box of chocolates last christmas that I thought was too pretty to throw away! As I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of hot water, lemon and honey to help soothe my throat and chest. I love drinking it out of these gorgeous glasses that we’ve had for absolute years.



My gorgeous snow globe was a gift from my mum and dad one Christmas. They bought it from a shop that used to be in Meadowhall called Past Times. I absolutely love it. I cried when I opened the present as I thought it was such a special gift. I’ve always loved snow globes and after accidentally breaking one that my grandad gave to me, I was so pleased to have a new one to display throughout Christmas. Every time I put it up again, it makes me think of him.



My most favourite part of my desk at the moment is this! If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I recently received the December Rose Gold Edit Glossybox which I loved. It’s so pretty that I’ve sat it on my desk. Again, I have even more candles on this side of my desk. The gorgeous lantern is my mum and dads that they use out in the garden on warm summer nights when we have BBQ’s, but it looks so pretty in here that I’ve temporarily claimed it. The smaller purple and diamante candle jar was given to us by a family friend one Christmas with a cue little plant inside that has since been repotted. The pretty heart crystal sat next to the lantern was a special gift given to me by a medium – I like to keep it close by to attract love in every aspect of my life. My most favourite thing in this picture though is my gorgeous Christmas card from my parents. The picture just reminds me of me when I was little, and of course, there’s a dog on it so it was always going to be a winner! We always choose Jonny Javelin cards for each other since discovering them last Christmas as they are so beautiful and such good quality too. Peeping in from the corner is my Thorntons advent calendar because you are never, ever too old for chocolate on a morning!



Lastly, here is my lovely little Christmas tree being kept company by my treasured wall portraits of Audrey Hepburn. Both the photographs and the tree were gifts and I love them both! Audrey has travelled about with me from Barnsley to Leeds to Manchester and back to Barnsley again. I think she was just so stylish and beautiful and I love looking at these gorgeous images. My tree was ordered from Amazon last year as a gift from my Dad, and was my very first Christmas tree I ever had in my own house so it’s pretty special to me. I like to decorate it in reds and whites with plenty of sparkle. The bow was kindly made for me over at my local DIY store. On the wall, I have Christmas cards along with thank you cards from my lovely clients. I like to put them on my wall as they really mean a lot to me. It’s amazing to know you’ve made somebody so happy and I love to read them from time to time if I’m having a down day – they really lift my spirits again and give me a boost.


I hope that you enjoyed my beauty room tour and a little insight into a few of my favourite things. Stay tuned for more tour posts coming soon!

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