Benefit Hello Happy Foundation review: Faddy or Fabulous?

When I first saw the packaging of the new Benefit Hello Happy Foundation, I must admit, I was a little surprised! It isn’t the same sort of cutesy packaging that the rest of the products in the brand have, but there’s no denying that it’s super cute in a fresh, new way!

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation review: Faddy or Fabulous? | Rachael Divers

My friend put it a good way when she said it reminded her of the Charlotte Tilbury packaging – I totally see where she’s coming from the super-shiny metallic lid that the foundation bottle boasts. This is a piece that will look undoubtedly interesting and pretty in your makeup collection!

The front of the bottle (or the back, depending on how you want to call it) features a little smiley face with hearts for eyes. Super kawaii, right?!

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation review: Faddy or Fabulous? | Rachael Divers

I first got to test this foundation out this weekend when I headed over to my local Benefit counter. I didn’t realise beforehand, but Benefit have actually brought two sizes out in this new little beauty. A 30ml offering that retails at £25.50, and tiny cutesy 6ml version which retails for £8.50. I think this a smart move for Benefit’s sales team. Not everybody wants to commit to a full sized foundation without trying it out first, so the mini travel size is perfect for those with commitment issues or those that want a smaller version to take on their travels.

The foundation comes in 12 shades ranging from very light to pretty dark. I love that the fairest shade is actually a great match for my skin tone. I always struggle to find foundations that match me thanks to my extremely fair skin. (Just to put it into perspective, MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 is too dark for me!) I picked the teeny tiny 6ml version up for my Mum in the colour 02 which is a great match for her fair skin tone. She has a little more warmth in her skin than I do, but is still quite fair on the spectrum so 02 was a perfect choice for her.

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation review: Faddy or Fabulous? | Rachael Divers

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying out the foundation for myself for my blog after my mum asked if I’d like to review it. The foundation is marketed as a lightweight, light-medium coverage foundation. It has soft-focus optical blurring spheres which basically means it helps to blur out imperfections whilst still looking very natural.

I would say that the foundation errs more on the light coverage than the medium – I could still see my fairest of freckles through it even after adding a second layer. It feels very lightweight on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear too. As for blurring the skin, I feel like there’s other options out there which have a stronger blurring effect, but overall, this did work quite well and I think the claim is a fair one to make.

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation review: Faddy or Fabulous? | Rachael Divers

I used the foundation on top of my regular moisturiser and without any setting powders and found it to last quite well throughout the day. If you’re a person that prefers their skin to look super natural but with an evened-out effect, I think you’ll enjoy this foundation. I do feel that the foundation is quite pricey for what it is – especially the travel version (it really is teeny tiny!) but you are essentially paying for the brand name behind it. Overall, it’s a cute and quirky little addition to the Benefit family and I can see it going down a treat with tweens and the more mature audience alike.

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