Benefit Roller Lash review

Just last week I received the most beautiful package containing the Lookfantastic X Benefit limited edition beauty box. One of the items in the box that got me really excited and that I hadn’t tried before was Roller Lash. The mascara said to hold a curl for up to 12 hours, and lift and separate lashes in one. I was intrigued. I’ve always found Benefit mascaras to be particularly amazing – especially They’re Real which just gives insane volume and lift without the clumping.

Benefit Roller Lash review | Rachael Divers

I have so much trouble with mascaras smudging onto my under-eye areas just lately, so I was absolutely hoping this cute little mascara would stay put and allow me to stop using waterproof formulas every day.

Benefit Roller Lash review | Rachael Divers

The mascara comes in a lovely pink and black tube with a fabulous rubberised wand for an easy grip. The wan itself features a 30-degree curve and has tiny hooks on each of the bristles (that you can’t see or feel) to capture and pull up every lash. The formula also has Provitamin b% and Serin which condition the lashes through wear.

Benefit Roller Lash review | Rachael Divers

On the first morning of using the mascara, I was extremely happy with how it applied. The gorgeous curved wand made it easy for me to wriggle the bristles right into my lash line and pull upwards to capture every lash – even the tiny ones. The mascara pulled my lashes upwards and gave them a lovely curve whilst giving them a gorgeous coat in just one application. For the sake of testing, I applied two layers and was pleased to see that the mascara didn’t clump at all, but applied beautifully. My bottom lashes were also a breeze with the curved wand.

One coat of Roller Lash along with the gorgeous MAC Strobe Cream in Pinklite and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Global Glow Benefit Roller Lash review | Rachael Divers

I forwent my usual slick of waterproof mascara over the top of my lashes, and instead went about my day wearing just Roller Lash. My day consisted of a very busy schedule in our studio of makeovers, shoots and even a quick supermarket dash afterwards. It’s fair to say I was a little worried about looking like a panda in front of my clients, but thankfully, this little baby did not budge, smudge or crumble one tiny bit. Amazing!

I’ve continued to use Roller Lash every day since receiving it, and it still hasn’t let me down any single time. In my books, it’s a winner and another beauty success for Benefit. Well done Roller Lash, you’re up there in my top 5 mascara list in record time.

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