BYBI Lip Plumper Balm review

BYBI (pronounced like bye-bee) was founded by Elsie and Dominika back in 2017. The name stands for By Beauty Insiders and was created to deliver skincare which uses only high-quality ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Bybi Plumper lip balm

The packaging
I was first introduced to the brand in my March Empowerment Edit Glossybox* which contained the BYBI Lip Plumper Balm. The cute baby pink and gold packaging of the balm gave me all the millennial vibes, mixed with a hint of Glossier’esque chic.

What I really love about the packaging most of all is that it’s actually made from sugarcane and is 100% biodegradable!

The formula
As a lady who hasn’t been blessed with naturally plump lips, I always look forward to trying out products that promise me a plumper pout! The BYBI Lip Plumper promises to moisturise the lips and also enhance their shape. The texture of the balm is thick and creamy (think Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream consistency) and contains peppermint and capsicum to plump lips along the way.

The formula also contains shea butter and carnauba wax which coat the lips with a protective barrier to seal in moisture, whilst the grapeseed oil – rich in Vitamin E – works to keep lips nourished while healing any dry patches.

As soon as I squeezed a little balm onto my finger, I could smell the fresh, minty scent. It smells almost identical to white Tigerbalm ointment, so if you’ve ever tried that, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

The balm felt really soft and nourishing on my lips with a nice, even consistency – I’m not a fan of those ‘thin’ balms that just slide away in no time, so this was a welcome feature! It made my lips feel really comforted and hydrated and gave them a nice glossy sheen too. After around five minutes, I could feel the very subtle effects of the plumper working away. A slight tingle with a warming effect, but nothing intense at all.

Did it work?
Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a difference to the plumpness of my lips at all. However, I loved the soothing, smoothing effect it had on my lips and the nice glossy sheen it left behind. Although the plumping effect couldn’t be seen, I could still feel it tingling slightly on my lips which I really like. It helped to make my lips feel refreshed and renewed. Plus, who could say no to that pretty packaging?

The BYBI Lip Plumper Balm retails for £9 for 10ml and can be purchased from BYBI here.

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