Carbon Coco Natural Teeth Whitening review

When the lovely people at Carbon Coco asked me if I’d like to try their Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish, it didn’t take long for me to reply with a big YES! I love whitening my teeth and I’ve used both dental whitening and my beloved Plus White in the past to keep staining at bay. Something that I’ve been interested in for a little while is activated charcoal tooth whitening, and I have to admit, it’s that jet black powder that drew me in.

Now, this isn’t the same kind of charcoal that you can go ahead and scrape off the barbie after a long summery day, but a medical grade, dentist approved activated charcoal! In simple terms, it’s an oxidised version of charcoal and removes stains from the teeth without any toxic ingredients. It can also change the pH in the mouth which helps to reduce gum nasties and bad breath, along with removing plaque and deodorising.

So, how do you use it? You simply dip a wet toothbrush into the powder, brush your teeth in small, gentle circular motions for a few minutes, spit it out then rinse well.

Carbon Coco Natural Teeth Whitening review | Rachael Divers

The ingredients are simply 100% Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal, a small amount of bentonite powder and lemon myrtle.

My thoughts? First of all, this can get real messy so put your white towels away (by the way, I got this on my white towel and it came out in the wash, so don’t panic if you do get it on your towels by accident!) Second, the powder is completely tasteless and it’s actually really fun to brush with the charcoal and see your teeth turn black. The rinsing out takes a little patience – I found I had to rinse my mouth several times to get rid of stray bits of charcoal, but once it was removed, my teeth did actually look whiter. As I mentioned, I whiten my teeth weekly as it is so they weren’t massively stained beforehand, but I’ve included a before and after picture in my quick video review and tutorial below so that you can take a look and see the difference for yourself.

Overall, I think it’s a great little product and I will of course continue to use it – however, I’ll use it in between my regular whitening days as a top up rather than a treatment all by itself. It’s lovely for a refresh and the novelty of brushing with a black paste just doesn’t get old.

If you want to try out the Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish, you can pick it up from Carbon Coco’s website by clicking here.

Carbon Coco Activated Tooth Polish is $39.95 AUD for 40g and contains around 110 uses (1 – 2 months worth). Free worldwide shipping is available.

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