Coco the Zombie Clown Halloween makeover

Zombie coco collageA short while ago I ordered some amazing prosthetics from a company called Nimba Creations. I opted for the Zombie kit which included a zombie brow and an exposed teeth mouthpiece. The set arrived soon after ordering and I was really excited to get cracking and try a Halloween look with the pieces! So, without further ado, I got to work on my Coco the Zombie Clown Halloween makeover!

I enlisted my Dad as my model for the day, (if you’ve been fortunate enough to see him in front of the camera rather than behind it, you’ll know why…his posing is on totally on fleek giiiirl!) and created a creepy zombie base using the Nimba Creations prosthetic adhesive, which by the way, is the best adhesive I’ve EVER used which makes it great for keeping prosthetics in place but a little work to remove. I blended the edges into the face for a seamless finish with gelatine blender. To create the face details, I used a mixture of cream paints. No look would be complete without fake blood so I used a mixture of Robert Smith’s Silicone Flow blood and Ben Nye’s Stage blood to add extra texture and gore.

Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry Coco the Zombie Clown SFX Halloween Makeup

After the zombie look was in place and my dad didn’t look like my dad anymore, I had an idea to add a huge curly red clown wig that I’d picked up over in Manchester weeks before. It completed the look perfectly and even I felt freaked out by this creature standing before me. We finished the look off with a good pair of leather gloves and the biggest knife we could find which naturally, we covered in a good dose of blood to add to that ‘crazy-clown-zombie-just-massacred-the-town’ effect.

Coco clown edit

The next step was to shoot and film the finished look both in the studio and outdoors which we had great fun with!

For the removal of the prosthetics, we used isopropyl myristate and a gentle micellar water to clean up the remaining makeup. Be warned, the removal process is a delicate one and it’s important to remove prosthetics carefully so you don’t irritate or damage your skin underneath. Be patient, take it slowly and ensure to remove everything properly and, of course, moisture your skin afterwards for that gorgeous post-zombie prosthetics glow…

Coco before and after zombie 1

I hope you like the latest addition to my Halloween creatures, big thanks go to my dad who not only sat and let me paint his face, but acted like a true diva for the camera afterwards and really got into the creepy Halloween spirit! Head on over to my Instagram to see a few behind the scenes videos.

Coco clown

Products used

  • Nimba Creations zombie mask/brow and exposed teeth prosthetic pieces
  • Nimba Creations FX paint palette
  • Nimba Creations prosthetic adhesive
  • Nimba Creations gelatine blender
  • Kyrolan zombie wheel
  • Ben Nye trauma wheel
  • Illamasqua eyeshadow in Obsidian
  • Ben Nye Stage Blood
  • Robert Smith Silicone Flow Blood

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