Creepy Clown Nurse Halloween Makeup

What says freaky more than a creepy clown nurse Halloween makeup for the spookiest night of the year?

I’ve always found clowns quite creepy. From their painted on grins to their outlandish, unpredictable antics. I remember going to the Circus as a child with my parents and being absolutely petrified when the clowns began to circle the ring.

Complete with big red squeaky noses, honking horns and maniacal laughs, I remember quite literally quaking in my seat and wondering how the heck the people around me were laughing quite so hard.

So when I remembered that I had a nurses outfit in my dressing up box, I couldn’t resist giving it a spooky twist by adding the prosthetic piece that I used for good old Mr Zeebo last year. Remember him? If not, you can check him out here.

After realising how big the nurse outfit was for me (and absolutely not keen on getting the sewing machine out despite my three years experience of pattern cutting!) I decided to improvise with the next best thing: a pair of hair bobbles! You can see a ‘cheeky’ little behind-the-scenes shot of the outcome below!

I really enjoyed putting this super creepy clown nurse Halloween makeup look together. There’s nothing more fun than deciding on a back story for a spooky character, then embracing the role for a creepy photo shoot!

All of the amazing images were taken and edited by my dad at Divers Photography. I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s super talented!

The story of Nurse Zeebo

“Clickety-clack-clack” echoed from the veil of night,
The abandoned asylum hallway suddenly filled him with fright.

The pace quickened to a giddy, fast run,
And she couldn’t wait to have her fun.

For every Halloween night she knew for sure,
An urban explorer couldn’t resist the allure.

For the abandoned asylum had a bloody history to tell,
All about Nurse Zeebo’s reign of pure hell.

All year she laid patiently in wait,
Until her next victim came to meet his fate.

Unbeknown to him, what he couldn’t comprehend,
Is that she was still alive, and he was going to meet his end.

Her heels click, click, clacking away,
Her prey would never again see the light of day.

As she made her move, her maniacal laugh rang out with glee,
How had this monster managed to remain free?

With the needle in her hand, she quickly tapped the tip,
“Calm down my dear, it’s just a little prick.”

I hope that you enjoyed this makeup look as much as I did! If you’d like to check out the behind-the-scenes images and videos, follow me on my social media channels below.

Look out for my final look launching laster this week just in time for Halloween!

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