My new haircare secret weapon: DHC After Bath Hair Treatment review

DHC secret weapon

Lustrous locks are definitely up there on what makes me happy, especially through the colder winter months which can leave my hair feeling a little lacklustre and dried out. I can’t decide what’s worse, lank nonplussed hair or that fine rain frizz bomb that makes me look like Monica from ‘The one in Barbados’ with her ‘It’s the HUMIDITY!’ hair. With hair horror lurking just around the corner, I decided to try out an interesting sample I acquired in my monthly magazine from cult Japanese skincare and beauty brand, DHC. So, without further ado, let’s get into my DHC After Bath Hair Treatment review!

The After Bath Hair Treatment Emulsion is a creamy, nourishing leave-in conditioner that helps to protect hair from split ends, dryness and fading colour. It’s formulated with virgin olive oil and extracts of barley and sandalwood and smells absolutely divine. You can apply it to either damp or dry hair then style as you usually would.

I decided to apply the cream to my damp, towel dried hair before blowdrying. The consistency is creamy but light – not so thin that it’ll run off your hands and go everywhere, but not so thick that it feels gloopy either. The gorgeous aromatic scent of lavender and rosemary lingered while I massaged the cream into my hair starting at the ends and working my way upwards. The cream soaked in nicely and didn’t feel thick or obtrusive at all. Blow drying was a dream – I actually think this product helped my hair to dry smoother and a little quicker than usual which was a nice surprise – if you’ve seen my natural hair, you’ll know what a mane it is and how long it takes to dry!

My hair ended up soft and smooth and much easier to style and didn’t feel weighed down by product at all. I wish that the scent had lingered around after drying but unfortunately it didn’t. You can see the end results in my picture below!

DHC After Bath Hair Treatment

Have you tried any products from DHC before? Let me know your thoughts!

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