Disappointing Beauty Products

Sometimes I get so excited to try out new products that I can hardly wait to pop open the packaging and get them onto my face! But sometimes, I’m left a little disappointed with the products that I’d thought I’d love and they don’t tend to work for me quite as well as I was hoping.

This is the first time I’ve written a disappointing products post, but as they seem to be fairly popular, I thought I’d throw in my opinion too! As ever with posts like these, I have to give a little disclaimer – just because I didn’t like these products in particular, it doesn’t mean they’re not good products at all, it just means that they didn’t work for me. And what didn’t work for me might work wonders for you and vice versa.

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum
I LOVED this product when I first received it. It felt gorgeous on my skin, it helped my skin to feel nourished and supple and I love the whole brand, packaging and feel of the company. Unfortunately for me, my skin is super sensitive and I found that my skin broke out each time I used this. I stopped using it for a week or two and then re-started again to test the waters, but once again, my skin broke out. I was so disappointed as I so wanted to be able to use this gorgeous serum and even repurchase it too. The only reason this lovely little serum is on my disappointing products list is because I’m purely disappointed in the fact that I can’t even enjoy it.


Alima Pure Pink Satin Matte Blush
This is a mineral powder blush with a matte finish in a lovely pink colour with an almost lilac hue. I was really excited to try this as it’s rare for me to wear a matte blush and even rarer for me to wear a mineral blush! First of all, I love the colour and I think it’s really pretty when swatched onto the back of my hand. Applying it to my face was a bit of a different story – I didn’t enjoy how the colour translated onto my face and I find that I much prefer using a pressed powder blush to a mineral powder blush. I found it quite messy to use and it was easy to get too much onto the brush which made getting an even coverage hard.


Thisworks In Transit Camera Close-Up
This product is classed as a mask, moisturiser and primer in one which kind of confused me from the get go. A mask AND a primer all at the same time? Anyway, I tried this product on my neck firstly rather than on my face just in case it did break me out – as I’ve mentioned a gazillion times before, my skin is highly sensitive so I have to be so careful what I use to stop my skin from breaking out. The next morning, I woke up with five angry red spots on my neck indicating to me that this product definitely wasn’t going to get anywhere near my face in the future. I’ve tried Thisworks products in the past that I’ve really enjoyed so I was sad to learn that this one just wasn’t going to work all that well for me. The scent of this product is quite heavy but it does smell exactly like a spa. I think it’ll be a great product for somebody with dry skin who probably needs a thicker moisturiser.


MAC Face and Body Foundation
Fellow makeup artists, I can almost hear you recoiling in horror! Commonly named as a makeup artist kit essential, I’m sad to say that I just don’t like MAC Face and Body Foundation at all! On my own skin it doesn’t deliver anything near the result that I’d like, even when I want to look ultra natural. I find the formula hard to work with, unforgiving on skin that’s less than perfect and all in all, just not my kind of product. I tried this product after being told it was great for oily skin, blendable and a really gorgeous finish. I’m afraid I just don’t get on with it at all and much prefer other foundations to this one.


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