DIY Beauty Treatments: The Aspirin Face Mask

When we look for seriously effective beauty treatments, we usually find that they have a hefty price tag which accompanies them. But what about the beauty treatments that we can make in the comfort of our own homes, and with ingredients from our kitchen cupboards?

Aspirin face masks have been used for years to help treat acne and keep skin looking fresh, healthy and clear. The reason why the aspirin face mask works so well is that aspirin is actually made out of Beta Hydroxy Acid, BHA for short, which is actually Salicylic acid – the main ingredient in acne treatments.

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To make an aspirin face mask, simply take two uncoated aspirin (you can use coated, but they take much longer to dissolve) and pop them into a dish or onto a small saucer. I prefer to use an egg cup as it’s much easier to mix the ingredients together and scoop them out later on. Add a tiny drop of water to the tablets and allow them to dissolve in the cup. Once the tablets have dissolved, take a teaspoon of honey (great for it’s bacteria fighting properties) and mix them both up to form a paste. I prefer to use Manuka honey for this which is famous for its ability to treat infections – it’s even recently been tested as a weapon against hospital infections like MRSA! Manuka honey can tend to be a little expensive so if you’d prefer, you can use any form of natural honey too.

Apply the mixture to your freshly cleansed, dry face and allow it to sit on the skin for ten minutes before rinsing away with warm water. Pat dry, and apply your favourite toner and moisturiser.

To get the best results out of your aspirin face mask, you should use it no more than twice weekly.

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