Do you really need an eye cream?

Many of us forgo the extra cost and time of applying an eye cream morning and evening, but do we really need one anyway?

The difference between a face cream and an eye cream is this – eye creams usually contain more emollients and specialist ingredients to help smooth and soothe the more delicate under-eye area. The skin is much thinner under our eyes, so it makes sense that we’d need a different type of moisturiser to help deeply penetrate the layers of the skin and plump and refresh the area once again.

Collagen is a major ingredient in a lot of eye creams – designed to keep skin strong, plump out any sallow areas and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Calendula is also a common ingredient, used for it’s soothing properties, it can help to de-puff the under eyes giving a fresher, wide awake appearance.

For years, I didn’t use an eye cream myself. I was of the same opinion as many that I didn’t really need one, and that my regular face moisturiser was quite enough for me. That was until I started to get a little older and started to suffer with dull, tired skin around my eye area and started to notice the telltale signs of ageing. Shock, horror!

I quickly enlisted an eye cream into my regular cleansing and moisturising routine and I have to say, I really did feel better for it, and I saw a difference within my skin too. It looked replenished, fresh and plumped out once again which is more than I could hope for. Seeing the transformation on my own skin was enough to convince me that yes, eye creams are definitely worth adding into your regular beauty routine.

Over the years, I’ve tried DHC’s CoQ10 Eye Cream that I absolutely loved, followed by Etre Belle’s Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On. After I ran out, I moved on to Caudalie’s Premier Cru The Cream  – a beautifully luxurious cream filled with Caudalie’s three signature patents: Resveratrol Oleyl (for lifting and firming), Viniferine (for brightening), and anti-oxidant rich grape-seed polyphenols. Caudalie are well famed for their age reversing products, so it’s no wonder they put seven years of research and 300 trials in place before offering Premier Cru The Cream to the masses.

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Do you really need an eye cream?

If you tend to suffer from drying, lacklustre skin under your eye area, I really would recommend giving an eye cream a go and seeing if you can see the benefits too. Hello summer-ready eyes!

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