Dr Hauschka Night Serum review

Serums have recently become one of my favourite staples in my skincare routine. I love layering a few great products onto my skin that I know will renew, refresh and replenish my skin and leave it feeling soft, supple and rejuvenated.

I was recently sent the new Dr. Hauschka Night Serum to try, and let me tell you, it’s been a real game changer for me. I’m sent skincare products frequently, and with having sensitive, acne-prone skin, I have to be really careful in what I choose to try because I’m so prone to breakouts and reactions. Something I’ve realised lately is that the more ‘premium’ skincare really does tend to suit my skin better, and the more natural the ingredients, the better.

Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry Dr Hauschka Night Serum review

The serum comes in fresh, easy to use packaging with a handy screw-top design | Dr. Hauschka Night Serum review

The information card inside the serum box reads: “The day draws to a close. The skin awakens. As your body slows upon evening’s approach, the crucial period of renewal and regeneration for your skin begins. Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care supports the skin’s essential nightly process and allows it to breathe freely.”

The night serum promises to revitalise all skin conditions to leave the skin feeling and looking fresh, bright and radiant by the morning by helping the skin to rediscover its natural balance, stimulating the renewal process and guiding the skin’s essential night-time work.

I’ve heard so many glowing reviews about Dr. Hauschka products in the past, so I was extremely happy to receive the night serum and couldn’t wait to use it. I love the whole ethos of the Dr. Hauschka brand – just reading the paperwork and exploring the website portrays the image of a company that is gentle to skin, innovative, and has an almost spiritual outlook to skincare, products and sustainability. Natural skincare is something that has started to increasingly interest me lately, and I’m really enjoying discovering new brands and new products that are both kind to my skin, and kind to the environment.

Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry Dr Hauschka Night Serum review

Dr Hauschka Night Serum review

The serum comes in a white and orange tube and looks really fresh and luxurious. I decided to apply the serum along with my regular skin care – a skin treatment and a moisturiser. The first thing to note is that the serum is quite gel-like in texture, and that a little goes a long way. The second thing to note is the lovely fragrance – the apple fruit hydrosol and apple blossom extracts really come through, along with a hint of the witch hazel extracts that help to heal and treat the skin. Dr. Hauschka recommends applying the serum in a thin layer after cleansing and toning in the evenings and spreading the serum around the face, neck and decollete if desired. I found that the serum felt cooling and soothing upon application and took a little while to dry down, but didn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable at all. Instead, it felt comforting, luxurious and reminded me so much of a product you’d usually find in an upper-class spa rather than in your makeup room on a Monday evening!

I continued with my nightly skincare routine after ten minutes or so, and added my current facial treatment, along with my current moisturiser then went to bed.

Upon waking the next morning, the first thing I noticed was how hydrated my skin felt, and just how smooth and supple it looked. My skin looked calmer than it had the night before, and my skin tone appeared to be a little more even. As I cleansed my face before starting my morning skincare routine, I could feel remnants of silky smooth product on my face which made my skin feel both comforted and nourished.

Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry Dr Hauschka Night Serum review

My skin felt refreshed, evened out and comfortable upon waking the next morning | Dr Hauschka Night Serum review

I’m always a little nervous when trying a new product seen as my skin really is extremely sensitive. As you’ll know if you read my blog frequently, I’m still taking medication to try and keep a hold over my problematic acne, so there’s always the slight concern that anything new will break my skin out. However, this serum was a dream to use and helped my skin rather than hindered it. The serum retails at £39 for 25ml which I think is actually extremely reasonable for such an award winning* and natural product. The serum goes a long way and makes such a difference that I really see the value to it and would recommend it. What’s more, the serum is free from oil, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens and silicone, and is Vegan friendly.

I really feel that if you’re going to splurge on something for yourself, your skin is one of the best things that you can focus on. A great skincare routine means that your makeup will apply smoothly and look gorgeous, along with preserving your skin and helping you to look younger for years to come. I’m a real advocate of having a proper skincare routine in place, and since I started taking my skincare seriously, I’ve really noticed a massive difference to my skin, which in turn helps my confidence. As a makeup artist and makeup tutor, it’s so important for me to look the part as well as act it, and having good skin days is something that really helps me to look better and feel more confident within myself.

If you’d like to try the Dr. Hauschka Night Serum, click here.

*The Dr. Hauschka Night Serum is the Beauty Awards 2015 Silver Winner, the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016 Winner, and the CEW 2016 Beauty Awards Winner.

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