Eating for Beauty – The Berry Breakfast Parfait

Just recently, I’ve been really enjoying eating a fresh, wholesome breakfast as opposed to the usual toast or other not-so-healthy options that I was choosing in the past. After starting to realise that bread was making me feel bloated, sickly and was also giving me stomach cramps, I was on the hunt for exciting breakfast options that would entice me and ensure that I actually didn’t skip breakfast like I used to do all too often.

I’m not the kind of girl that enjoys dishes like porridge, (overnight oats with Wowbutter, occasionally) so that was out of the question. It just doesn’t excite me and I find a real chore to eat at times. So, after scrolling through Pinterest and recipe sites, I stumbled across pictures of gorgeous berry parfaits and knew that I just had to try them! I’m a firm believer that what we put into our bodies shows on the outside, so in other words, if we eat healthy, wholesome foods, our bodies will reflect this on the outside with healthy hair and nails and that gorgeous healthy glow you can just see on those people that put time into their health. So I went ahead and made my own version and let me tell you, it was divine!

Eating for Beauty – The Berry Breakfast Parfait

The berry breakfast parfait is so easy to make – it takes a matter of minutes. I like to make mine the evening before, then pop it in the fridge ready for the next day. I don’t measure my ingredients out, so here’s a rough guide of what I use to make my own. You can feel free to switch any ingredients up to your fancy, but try to keep them healthy too to reap the benefits!

What you’ll need
2 small handfuls of blueberries
2 small handfuls of raspberries
2 large strawberries
120g of Natural Yogurt (I use Yeo Valley Natural Yogurt)
2 – 3 small handfuls of Granola
1 tablespoon of mixed seeds (I use Chia, Flax Seed and Quinoa)
A drizzle of organic honey (Manuka is best)

How to make
Take a small mason jar or glass tumbler and add a sprinkle of Granola, layer with a few tablespoons of natural yogurt then add a selection of the chopped, mixed fruit on top. Sprinkle with the seed mixture and repeat until you reach the top of your jar or glass. To finish, add a drizzle of honey. Eat right away or store in the fridge for the next morning. And that’s it!

I decided to switch my berry parfait up a little by adding Pink Lady apples for extra sweetness. Eating for Beauty – The Berry Breakfast Parfait

This really is such a simple, gorgeous breakfast to make. It delivers a hit of flavour whilst also giving you the benefits of mixed seeds, naturally antibacterial manuka honey and not forgetting the amazing antioxidant powers of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Furthermore, blueberries pack a real hit of vitamin C which is a key antioxidant crucial for collagen production.

The granola also delivers a good source of fibre and iron, but be careful when selecting your granola as some can be full of sugar. If you prefer your granola on the sweeter side, have a smaller portion or even add rolled oats instead as a great substitute.

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