Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review

Hair mask treatments are something I absolutely love to indulge in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If I’m not working the day away, I love to take a little time to pamper myself from head to foot. Face mask, hair mask, pedicure, manicure…you name it. Add in a luxuriously scented bubble bath with a candle and my favourite YouTubers or movie on the iPad and I am in pamper heaven!

I haven’t treated my hair to a luxurious mask in a long time, so when I opened up my June Glossybox and saw one sitting inside I was so excited to try it out. The packaging intrigued me first of all. A black tub with a green lid and written work that said ‘Mystic Black.” I actually thought the mask was going to be black inside, but I was a little sad to see it was just white. Oh well, the packaging still intrigued me and the mask smelled great too so I wasn’t too disappointed at all.

Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review | Rachael Divers

The mask is enriched with Baobab Oil which is a natural ingredient with a high level of hydration, nutrition and emollient power that provides instantaneous absorption. The mask promises to leave hair super hydrated, free of frizz and split ends. I was looking forward to putting it to the test!

I washed my hair as usual with my Christophe Robin Cleasing Volumising Paste with pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extract before gently squeezing the excess water away from my hair with a towel. I applied the Novex Deep Hair Mask to the mid lengths and ends of my hair liberally before loosely twisting my hair up into a bun and allowing it to work its magic for the recommended 10 ten minutes and then some. I rinsed the hair mask out with lukewarm water before twisting my hair into a turban and letting the excess water soak up a little.

Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review | Rachael Divers

When it came to blow drying my hair, I used my usual Lee Stafford Heat Protection Shine Mist (it smells GLORIOUS!) to protect my hair and started to blow dry my hair on a medium heat. The first thing I noticed was how soft and manageable my hair felt. It was lovely and smooth and I’m sure my blow drying time was cut down. After blow drying, I quickly ran the straighteners through my hair just to tame it a little and gave it a brush through before adding my Schwarzkopf Got2B Tame and Shine Styling Oil. I was really pleased with how smooth and soft my hair looked. It felt pampered and preened and also smelled gorgeous!

Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review | Rachael Divers

I really enjoyed using this hair mask but what I will say is this; no hair mask is going to make your split ends disappear. The only real way to get rid of them is by trimming them off. However, this hair mask and hair treatments in general can help to disguise split ends by temporarily sealing them. If you want to keep on top of split ends and keep your hair in great health, make sure to visit a professional hairdresser regularly.

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