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Being a very fair redhead, for as long as I can remember I struggled with my eyebrows. I could never get the shape that I really wanted and keeping up with regular tinting appointments was a real pain. I tried everything from brow pencils to brow waxes and shadows but nothing quite gave me the look that I wanted.

My mum introduced me to the No7 Eye Pencil in the colour Brown which I used for the past two years and I also liked to use the Benefit Brow Zing in the lightest twin compact, but still I found that I struggled to get that perfect shape that I so wanted. And god forbid if it rained or my hair brushed past my brow after I’d drawn them in – this used to result in a smudged eyebrow, which really wasn’t a flattering look!

I’d heard about Sarah Colton through my Facebook page and saw that many ladies had given her rave reviews for something that I had often considered for myself but was never brave enough to commit to – eyebrow tattooing.

I’d spent a lot of time researching permanent cosmetics in the past and read my fair share of horror stories, but the images I saw on Sarah’s page were a far cry from the results I’d heard people describe from other permanent cosmetic specialists. I just knew I had to book an appointment and that Sarah was going to be the perfect person to create my perfect eyebrows.

I sent Sarah a message and she explained the different types of brow I could pick from; a powder brow, a natural hairstroke brow, or a combination brow. I opted for the natural hairstroke brow – with my brows being so fair to start with, I was afraid of going for anything too heavy and unnatural.

Weeks later, the big day arrived and to say I was terrified was putting it lightly. I knew that the decision I made that day would be stuck with me for a very long time, so I knew how important it would be to feel 100% happy.

When I met Sarah, I knew for sure that I’d picked the right person. She was absolutely lovely and put my mind at rest right away. She explained to me that I could apply a numbing cream to my brows and that the procedure would be painless, the only discomfort I would feel would be a little bit of tenderness where she would have to keep wiping over the brows as she worked. I must admit, I wasn’t fully convinced it wouldn’t hurt but I knew I trusted Sarah!

We had a consultation where we discussed my expectations of the procedure and settled on a colour to use. Sarah also offered me the option of having a 3D brow where a few colours are put through in the tattooing process to create an even more natural, 3D effect. I loved the sound of this so opted to go for this option. Sarah then drew my brows in with a black pencil to determine the shape. Once we were both happy that the shape was perfect, Sarah began to tattoo my brows.

It took me a few seconds to realise that Sarah was actually touching my skin with the needle as I couldn’t feel a thing and the needle was so quiet. Finally, my mind was at ease and I laid back and relaxed through the rest of the procedure chatting with Sarah throughout.

After the tattooing was over, Sarah made sure that I was happy with the results and advised me on the aftercare and gave me a healing balm to apply to my brows throughout the healing period.

I loved my new brows already and was so pleased I’d taken the plunge and had them done!

The picture below shows a before and after picture immediately after the procedure – as you can see from this picture, my blonde hairs were showing through but once the brows had healed, I’d be able to tint these to match the colouring.

Eyebrow Tattoos before and after

I went away feeling happy and followed Sarah’s instructions to make sure the brows didn’t get wet and that the only thing that touched them what so ever was the healing balm.

They healed absolutely beautifully and I felt like my face was finally being framed how I wanted it to be.

Four weeks on, my brows are fully settled and look great with or without makeup. The shape is defined and the colour is lovely and natural.  In two weeks time, I will visit Sarah again for a colour boost, which will be the final process of my permanent eyebrow makeup.

I can say hand on heart that I am 100% happy with the results of my permanent makeup and it’s one of the best things I have ever decided to do. It’s definitely worth paying for if, like me, your brows are fair or you just want the ease of not having to draw your brows in each day.

The pictures below show how my brows look currently – you can see how natural they are.

My eyebrows today with minimal makeup

My eyebrows today with minimal makeup

And my brows with natural makeup

And my brows with natural makeup

I’d like to thank Sarah for doing such an amazing job, she’s an absolutely lovely lady who is professional and dedicated to her work and will make sure that she does a perfect job. I highly recommend her.

If you would like to know more about Sarah and her services, you can view her Facebook page here.

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