February 2017 Glossybox unboxing, first impressions and exciting news

Welcome to my February 2017 Glossybox unboxing, first impressions and exciting news post!

First of all, my exciting news! I’ve been featured in my local paper, the Barnsley Chronicle, for getting shortlisted in the Wedding Awards 2017! I couldn’t be more excited! My already sore throat is even worse this afternoon as I’m writing this because of the sheer amount of giddy chatting I’ve been doing all day. If you’d like to read more about this, click here to read the full story!

February 2017 Glossybox unboxing, first impressions and exciting news

Back to the February Glossybox. This box is absolutely STUNNING. I love the design so much that I’ve left it out on my desk for the run up until Valentine’s Day. I do love a themed box, and a stripy ‘love’ themed box is no exception.

There are some gorgeous products inside the box this month and a couple that I absolutely love. I like to try and pick a ‘hero’ product out of my beauty boxes every month, and the one that comes to mind instantly this month is the Ciate Paint Pot Nail polish in Iced Frappe.

February 2017 Glossybox unboxing, first impressions and exciting news

I used to be an avid gel polish wearer. My nails were carefully coated in different gel polishes all the way from college right up until mid last year when I decided that my nails really needed to have a little break. My bank account wouldn’t suffer from a breather either…

I started to paint my nails myself and let them grow out and strengthen once again. And now, I’m finally at a stage where my nails are strong enough to be naturally long without any enhancements, and I like to try and make the best of them with gorgeous nail polishes. I’m a trained Calgel Nail Technician, but good Lord, I hate doing my own nails whether it be gel or nail polish! Fiddly, time consuming and then to add insult to injury, I find my polish chips within a day anyway. All that effort for nothing. So you can imagine just how thrilled I was when I tried the Ciate Paint Pot for the first time and found it not only a dream to apply, but fabulously strong with its staying power too! I’m officially in lust with the formula of this polish, and the colour really is a ‘perfect nude’ too which even suits my extremely fair skin tone.

If you’d like to check out what else arrived in this month’s Glossybox – and hear a rather embarrassing little story too – then click to watch the video below.

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