Feline flicks and glowing skin for a Springtime wedding

The gorgeous Steph visited me over the weekend for a makeover ahead of a wedding in Leeds. I knew as soon as she arrived that she would look completely stunning. Steph has the most gorgeous face to work on with beautifully defined cheekbones, a gorgeous eye shape and naturally full lips. She had recently had her brows Microbladed so they looked amazing too!

Steph told me that she struggles with eyeliner flicks – mostly with getting both flicks even! We’ve all been there where we decide to rock a small flick that suddenly turns into a Wineheouse-esque flick. I love both styles but I can totally understand the frustration. Eyeliner flicks were the one thing that could strike the fear of God into me in my early days of learning makeup artistry. After you’ve mastered that careful technique of applying that perfect flourish at the outer corner and learning how to hardly breathe at the same time, you’re about halfway there. Let’s not even discuss those shaky hands that can wreak havoc on your perfectly constructed line.

Feline flicks and glowing skin for a Springtime wedding | Rachael Divers

Anyway, we decided to go nice and natural on Steph’s eyes with just a little tickle of definition on the socket line. After all, this look is all about those gorgeous feline flicks! For the skin, we stuck to a medium coverage with a beautiful highlight and stroke of bronzer. We left the brows alone as they were still healing from the Microblading treatment and after all, they looked amazing on their own anyway! A slick of a light pink lustre finish lipstick finished Steph’s look.

Fancy a makeover for the Bank Holiday weekend? I’ll be working all weekend to fit you beautiful ladies in and get you party ready. Please contact me via my website or Facebook page to make a booking.

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