Five beauty hacks I actually use

Sometimes, life is just easier with a little helping hand. Try these five fast beauty hacks for easy beauty fixes all year round!

1. The perfect eyeliner flick
Some days, your makeup just doesn’t want to play ball. Usually I use my Sigma E17 Waterline Liner brush for my flicks, but it might be that I have shaky hands from too much coffee, I’m tired from hardly getting any sleep or I’m just in such a rush that I need a foolproof way to perfect that feline liner before rushing out of the door. For these days, you need masking tape! Apply just under the lower lash line and up towards your temple skimming your upper lid area and simply draw on your flick using the tape as a guideline. Peel away afterwards, et voila! Perfect liner flicks in an instant.

2. Plumped up lips straight from the kitchen cupboard
Got a little cinnamon and lip balm? Great! Mix a tiny amount of cinnamon and lip balm together and apply to the lips. Wait a few minutes before wiping away. Plumper, bolder lips in five minutes flat. Disclaimer: Don’t use this trick on sore or cracked lips!

3. Perfect cupids bow
To get that magazine cover worthy cupids bow, draw a cross with your lip liner before filling in your lips! Follow the line of your cupids bow to draw an ‘X’ in the centre of your lips before outlining the rest of your lips. A foolproof way to an editorial, perfect symmetry finish.

Perfect lip liner

4. Mattify any lipstick
Fancy a matte lip finish but don’t want to splash out on a new lipstick? Apply your lipstick as normal and blot with a tissue, repeat the process once more then dust a translucent powder over the lips to set and mattify. Full colour and matte in one.

5. Quick root touch up
This is something I often use on my clients who haven’t had chance to pop to the hairdresser for their root touch ups – simply apply a little eyeshadow to a fluffy brush and gently buff along the roots. Keep applying until you get the desired coverage then spritz lightly with a little hairspray to fix in place.

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