Girlz Only Party Night Dry Shampoo review

There’s nothing better than finding a beauty bargain that actually does the job you want is there? Years ago, I tried Tesco’s Girlz Only Party Night Dry Shampoo and to be honest, I didn’t feel too impressed with it. It made my hair feel a little bitty and overly powdery and I just wasn’t feeling it. Fast forward to a few days ago…I was browsing the aisles in Tesco and came across the same dry shampoo again but this time it was in a much bigger bottle.

I decided on an impulse purchase as I was due to head down to London the next day, and knew the tube would be stifling with the heat. I wanted a little something to freshen my hair up along the way and ensure I didn’t end up a hot, frizzy mess. I didn’t want to fork out for Batiste when I just wanted something to put me on for one day.


Girlz Only Party Night Dry Shampoo review

I washed my hair the night before, blowdried it and straightened it as usual, then went in with the dry shampoo to add a little volume back into my hair. I noticed a big difference in the formula this time – not only did it feel much lighter, it also smelled a little stronger and fresher too. I really liked how it felt in my hair and I could run my hands through roots and lengths without having that horrible, powdery feel to my fingers.

The next day, my hair was super easy to style and felt fresh and clean despite the horribly humid night we’d just had over in South Yorkshire. I spritzed a little more of the dry shampoo into my hair and pinned it up in a messy bun.

The spray is perfect for adding volume to create messy buns

I headed to London for the Lookfantastic x Benefit event and my poor hair had to deal with a muggy hot tube, dashing around London for various trains and the inevitable windy platforms at Doncaster station, but all through it all, my hair stayed completely fresh and fought off the humidity with the help of the spray.


Heading home after a busy afternoon and evening in London! My hair and makeup hand’t even moved despite the heat!

I’m really impressed with the dry shampoo and at only £2.50 for a hefty 300ml, it’s an absolute beauty bargain. I’ve also found myself using it daily since purchasing it which is a sure sign it’s definitely working. Gone are the days when dry shampoos were used only to freshen hair up and make it last just one more day before washing, they’ve become a handy styling staple to add volume and texture back into hair and keep it smelling and looking gorgeous. I’d definitely recommend this is you’re looking for budget friendly fresh tresses.

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