Glam Halloween Mummy makeup

Looking for glam Halloween makeup that’s still just a little bit spooky? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I absolutely love this super sparkly, glamorous take on the typical Halloween mummy!

Earlier this year I underwent surgery on one of my legs. As I was laid on my bed recovering at home (and still a little woozy from the anaesthetic), I suddenly looked down at my leg and thought “ooh, I look like a Mummy in all these bandages!” A lightbulb moment went off and before I knew it, my mind was racing planning a new look for Halloween 2021!

This look was a ton of fun to put together. From the super sparkly disco eyes, right down to the plaited bandage in my hair, I really enjoyed the whole process.

I think a pivotal moment in creating this look was after I’d just finished getting dressed (I say ‘dressed’ in a very loose sense. I’d literally fashioned a very tiny top out of bandages…) when I heard a knock on the door.

When I tell you that my heart felt like it stopped in fear for a moment, I am not lying. Imagine if you were an unsuspecting delivery man dropping a parcel off at a random house to be welcomed by this. Just. Imagine. In my panic, I opened the door a tiny crack and peered through (which probably scared him more thanks to my one freaky eye) and shrilled “just to let you know, I’m wearing Halloween makeup!” before throwing the door open. To say he looked utterly disgusted would be putting it mildly. Not terrified, not shocked, not even mildly surprised….just downright disgusted.

I grabbed my package and uttered my thanks before scuttling back inside feeling mortified with a capital M.

The silver lining? I now have my years supply of vitamins all nicely re-stocked. Because we all know Halloween Mummy’s still need their fix of multivitamins to feel their best, right?

There are a couple of elements to this look that I really feel just make it. Those being the gorgeously long Grande Lengths wraparound ponytail I’m wearing from Lullabellz (I wear the shade Mixed Auburn), and the creepy contact lens which is from Hunt or Dye (it obviously came in a pair, but I just decided to wear one this time!)

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If you’re thinking of re-creating this look for your Halloween party this year, you’re in luck! I wrote a step-by-step guide (with photographs!) for the lovely people over at Joe Browns that you can follow with ease. Click here to visit the blog post and have a go yourself.

Don’t forget to tag me over on Instagram @RachaelDiversMakeupArtistry if you re-create it, I’d love to see!

Happy spooking!


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