Halloween collaboration with Poundstretcher part 2: Witches and Vampires for children

For the second part of my Halloween collaboration with Poundstretcher, I asked my two gorgeous little cousins, Lexie and Sophie, to join me in the studio for an afternoon of spooky fun! (Read part one here where I created an adult Halloween look of Cleopatra).

Halloween goodies from Poundstretcher

Halloween goodies from Poundstretcher

Poundstretcher kindly sent me a lovely package full of spooky goodies which included:

  • Two neon striped wigs in black with pink and black with orange – £2.99
  • Vampire kit – £1.99
  • Witch kit – £1.99
  • Fangs and blood kit – 99p

I wanted to use the two kits which Poundstretcher sent to me which comprised of a Witch and a Vampire kit along with the Neon Striped Wig and the Fangs and Blood kit. You can see the two looks and how to recreate them below!

Lexie Witch

Lexie’s Spooky Witch look

Lexie’s Spooky Witch look

What you’ll need:

  1. Black grease face paint from the Witch kit
  2. Green face paint
  3. Green sparkle pigment
  4. Fake blood from the Blood and Fangs kit
  5. Pink Neon Striped Wig
  6. Fake Witch nose from the Witch kit
  7. Translucent powder

How to:

  1. Paint the entire face green and set with a sparkly green powder pigment
  2. Add the black grease paint to the eyes and lips and set with translucent powder
  3. Put on the elasticated Witch nose
  4. Colour the nose in to match the face and use the black grease paint to go over the fake wart. Draw on a fake cobweb using the same black grease paint
  5. Add the neon pink and black wig
  6. Take the fake blood and carefully add under the eye area using a teat pipette

Lexie Witch collage


Sophie's vampy witch look

Sophie’s vampy witch look

What you’ll need:

  1. White grease paint from the Vampire kit
  2. Black grease paint from the Vampire kit
  3. Fake blood from the Fake Blood kit
  4. Translucent powder
  5. Red eyeshadow
  6. Red lipstick from the Vampire kit
  7. Sparkly red powder pigment

How to:

  1. Paint the entire face white and set with translucent powder
  2. Add red eyeshadow around the eyes and set with the sparkly red powder pigment
  3. Draw on eyebrows and a stitched mouth using the black grease paint
  4. Add fake blood to the under-eye area using a teat pipette
  5. Smile for your close up!

Sophie Witch


Lex and Soph collage

Sophie and Lexie’s completed spooky Halloween makeovers!



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