Halloween Makeup in Barnsley

It’s almost time for the witches and ghouls to emerge for another Halloween night of horror!

Halloween is one of my most favourite times of year. It’s the one night of scary fun where you can unleash your inner sinner and go wild with spooky makeup! It’s a time to binge on scary films, eat too many sweets and subject yourself to the delightful horrors of the local scare attractions!

Halloween is getting bigger year on year, and with the increase in amazing parties and events, the demand for spooky makeovers has also risen! Whether you’re looking for full-on prosthetics to change your face entirely, or simply looking for glam with a hint of gore, a Halloween makeover at Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry has got you covered!

I’ve had the pleasure of being globally recognised for my Halloween and SFX work since my work went viral some many years ago. I have also been privileged to work for companies such as Coca-Cola for their Fanta campaign ahead of Halloween 2018!

This year I have the amazing Millie Whitehead joining me at the studio to provide gorgeous and gory Halloween makeovers. We have joined forces this year in the hope that we can bring more gruesomely gory Halloween makeovers to the people of Barnsley ahead of their Halloween evenings out.

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