Huge beauty empties collection

It’s not often that I have a big accumulation of beauty empties to share with you all on a monthly basis – I use my products sparingly so it usually takes me a few months to save up enough products in order to make a post or a video out of them. But this time, I have a huge beauty empties collection to share with you!

I started to collect my empties and keep them to one side all ready to share with you and also tell you whether I think they’re worth the repurchase or not. I’m often sent products to try out, and often, I’ll pick up products that catch my eye too, but I’m sure you’ll know as well as I do, some products sometimes just don’t work for you as well as you’d hoped they would.

Enjoy watching my huge beauty empties collection video below and let me know if you’ve tried out any of the products and what you think to them too!

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