I tried Brow Lamination with HD Brows Brow Sculpt

I was kindly given the HD Brows BrowSculpt treatment for free.
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Earlier this week I was treated to Brow Lamination with an HD BrowSculpt treatment. My brows were styled by Jamie Long – the Head Brow Stylist at HD Brows. BrowSculpt is a brand new treatment that I was really lucky to be able to try early!

Wondering exactly what BrowSculpt is? It’s actually the HD Brows take on Brow Lamination. Still not sure? I’ll explain…
Brow Lamination is a trendy technique that takes its roots from lash perming – it’s a corrective treatment that will set your brow hairs into place and can last for up to six glorious weeks.

It’s the perfect treatment for you if you have unruly, wayward brows that you’re dying to tame. And it’s equally great if you just want a pair of brows that will drop into your desired style without an industrial-strength brow gel. It can even help your own natural brows to look fuller – something that I personally love.

My brows before and after the BrowSculpt treatment | I tried Brow Lamination with HD Brows Brow Sculpt

There are six steps to the HD Brows BrowSculpt treatment after you’ve completed a patch test which I’ll explain below.

First of all, a consultation takes place where you’ll fill out the details of any medical conditions which could affect your treatment. You’ll also be asked to confirm a negative patch test and be asked exactly how you like to wear your brows. Your brow stylist will ask you about your preferred shape and brow colour before planning out your treatment. Lastly, you’ll be asked to sign your consultation form before the treatment begins.

Relaxing the hair
To begin the process, the brows go through a stage of relaxation. A solution is applied and allowed to sit on your brows for several minutes. This stage breaks down the hair structure which makes it straighter and easier to manipulate later on.

Setting the shape
Next, the brows are carefully brushed into place before a setting solution is applied to carefully fix them into place.

Brow tinting
After the shape has been set, the brow tint is added to add extra definition to the brows.

Brow Mapping
To perfect the shape, the brows will be mapped using a variety of techniques: waxing, threading and plucking.

Lastly, the brows are finished off (a few hair strokes may be added with an HD Brows pencil to perfect the shape whilst your own brows continue to grow) and you’re good to go!

I was told to add the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum onto my brows twice per day to help repair and strengthen my brow hairs whilst prolonging my colour (this feels lovely to use, by the way!) After looking on the HD Brows website, I saw that I also wasn’t supposed to get my brows wet for the first 24 hours, so if you have this treatment, make sure you follow that guide for the best results.

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had my brows touched by a professional stylist, so it was really strange to see them looking so neat and groomed at the end! I love the style of the brow and I’m looking forward to seeing how they go over the next few weeks. Colour-wise, I do prefer them a little lighter and warmer being a redhead. But, none the less, I really like them and I know they’ll fade out into a softer colour pretty soon. My brows feel so easy to manage after the treatment and they’re easily swept into place with just a spoolie.

I love that I have the option to experiment with my brow shape knowing that my hairs don’t have to be rigidly set into place with a strong brow gel to get the effect I want.

HD BrowSculpt is retailing £40 which includes the Brow Lamination and a full HD Brows treatment. It’s great for whipping your brows into shape and helping you to get the perfect look to frame your face.

You can find out the full details on the HD BrowSculpt treatment here, along with where to find your nearest HD BrowSculp stylist.

Thanks, Jamie and team HD Brows!

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