Jaws Shark Attack SFX Makeover

This weekend marked the first gory makeover of the upcoming spooky season at RDMUA, and what a good one it was to start with!

My lovely neighbour Emily was heading off to her auntie’s fancy dress birthday party and had such a fun idea for her costume. Her auntie is a huge fan of the movie Jaws, so what better way to start the party off with a bang than walking in as none other than a victim of Jaws!

Jaws Shark Attack SFX Makeover | Rachael Divers

Emily sent me photographs of her outfit idea and I instantly knew that it was going to be a heck of a fun look to put together! We decided on a ripped out throat and a bloody chest along with dramatic eyes and blood tears. Of course, Jaws got a good dose of blood too just to add to the look.

Emily looked absolutely amazing in her costume of choice and even won the fancy dress competition at the party too! I think she deserves extra points for walking home in her shark outfit after her makeover in the middle of the afternoon!

Jaws Shark Attack SFX Makeover | Rachael Divers


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