Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review

The Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette & Collection was NOT gifted to me.
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By 5:45 on February 21st, I was sat eagerly awaiting the launch of the Jeffree Star Blood Lust collection on Beauty Bay. With my laptop and phone, and my dad’s laptop and desktop, I sat watching the website countdown screen with my fingers crossed. 6pm hit and I was given my queue number.

How stunning is the outer packaging? | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review

Idling away the time, I decided to do a little clicking on how the queue system worked and came across something pretty lifechanging (dramatic, much?) Did you know if you have the Beauty Bay app, YOU DON’T HAVE TO QUEUE?! Be still my beating heart! Furiously, I tapped away at my phone screen to download the app and sign in. I was soon clicking on Jeffree’s face, and to my absolute amazement, I realised that I WAS IN! Clicking on the palette, I added it to my basket with a flourish. I also added a few other little gorgeous bits and bats but I’ll introduce you to those later…

So, here we are today. The 22nd February and my beautiful Blood Lust palette* is firmly in my grasp.

The crushed velvet palette looks so luxe | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review


This palette means business. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly companion to fit neatly inside your condensed case, this is not the one. But if you’re looking for a stunning collectors edition that’s going to look amazing on your vanity and give you bangin’ makeup, then this is a must-have. The palette comprises of 18 highly pigmented shades housed inside the most gorgeous rich purple crushed velvet hexagon. It seriously reminds me of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer crushed velvet notebooks and pen cases that I was obsessed with as a child – I adore it.

The palette is made up of 18 highly-pigmented shades | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review


The shadows are made up of mattes, foils, metallics and a brand new ‘extreme wet’ formula that looks ultra wet and glossy on the lids.

Your Majesty: Bone white matte
Take the Crown: Icy lavender metallic
Deviant: Lavender matte
Beauty Sleep: Gold pink duo chrome
Wet Jewel: Reflective light pink metallic (brand new ‘extreme wet’ formula)
Royal Pain: Warm red/mauve matte
Dungeon: Dark plum matte
Scandal Water: Blue-lavender matte
Sworn Enemy: Metallic gold-green with glitter shift
Pink Magic: Reflective red (brand new ‘extreme wet’ formula)
Bleeding Heart: Metallic red
Executioner: Black with purple/pink glitter shift
High King: Berry purple matte
Vivid Mood: Hot lavender purple matte
Monarchy: Muted brown matte
Blood Queen: Reddish purple matte
Vile Serpent: Hot teal matte
Betrayal: Purple with duo chrome gold shift

The shades are all vegan and cruelty-free.

I love the gorgeous tones, and the Wet Diamond shade makes a great highlighter! | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review


Like a dream, baby, like a dream…

Each of the shades I tried blended so beautifully. They had a little fallout in the pan, but hardly any on my face. Any bits that did fall were easily swept away with a clean, fluffy brush.

The shades are so pigmented and easy to blend | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review


If you’ve looked into this palette, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that the palette is more expensive than many people expected. However, there’s a perfectly legitimate reason – the rise of US import taxes. Splitting the palette cost between each eyeshadow in the collection, you’re paying £3 per 1.5g eyeshadow – and that’s not including the fabulous packaging! When you consider that MAC charge £15 for a 1.3g eyeshadow, it puts it into perspective.


Absolutely! Whether you’re a fan of Jeffree or simply want some bomb shades that pack a punch, this palette is a must-have. I don’t have any regrets on picking this beauty up and know I’ll get great use out of it. Okay, so, it’s pretty large and not at all ‘practical’, but pieces like this are what makes playing with makeup even more exciting.


Blood Lust retails at £54 in the UK from Beauty Bay, but it’s completely sold out at the moment. Don’t fret though, you can add yourself to the list to be notified when it’s back in stock by clicking here.*


I couldn’t help picking up two stunning Blood Lust glosses in the shades Wizards Glass and Sorcery.

Wizards Glass:* A bronze with pink/purple and gold reflects
Sorcery:* A light peach with pink/purple and blue reflects

The glosses not only look divine, but they smell divine, too! | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review

I adore the packaging of these beautiful glosses and the formula is just to die for. Ultra glossy, long-wearing and Crème Brulee scented…what’s not to love?

The glosses retail for £16 each on Beauty Bay. Although they’re currently out of stock, you can sign up to be notified when they’re back in stock again by clicking here. *


Lastly, I picked up a gorgeous white pearl hand mirror. If you watch my YouTube videos, you’ll know I’ve been after a new mirror for a while! This mirror has a gorgeous pearlescent finish which I think looks so classy. The star-shaped mirror is plenty big enough to use and features a weight mid-handle which is meant to add comfort and reduce fatigue.

I adore the pearl white JSC star mirror | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review

The Jeffree Star White Pearl Mirror retails for £22 on Beauty Bay.*

I find Jeffree Star Cosmetics to be so consistent in quality, and I really like the person behind the brand too – Jeffree! If you’re a makeup lover or collector of pretty and unusual collections, you will absolutely love this launch.

The stamp of approval | Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette review

What do you think about the new Blood Lust Collection? Let me know in the comments below.



Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust Palette £54*
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust Collection: The Gloss in Sorcery £16*
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust Collection: The Gloss in Wizards Glass £16*
Jeffree Star Cosmetics White Pearl Hand Mirror £22*

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