Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review

I’ve been a huge fan of Jeffree Star for absolute years. Back in my very early teens, I discovered a cool, artsy photography book that my dad had on his coffee table. Flicking through the pages, I came across a photograph of somebody that fascinated me. With wild pink hair, pink brows and adorned in Hello Kitty necklaces, Jeffree made a big impression on me. He was everything that my angsty ‘myspace’ self was looking to relate to. He was cool, fresh and above all else, he was wearing a corset! (I went through a corset obsession that I’m still not totally over…)

Anyway, as soon as I discovered this incredible being, I wanted to know more. Eventually, I found Jeffree on MySpace. I’d often print his images and stick them into my fashion design sketchbooks. I just loved his style and confidence.

Finding Jeffree

Fast forward many years and I kind of lost touch with Mr Star. Sure, I was aware of his presence on YouTube, but I wasn’t really paying much attention. That’s until he popped up in my recommended videos on YouTube (thank you, YouTube gods) and I was suckered back into the wonderful world of Jeffree Star (see what I did there? If you know, you know!) I soon began to realise that Jeffree had changed – he’d matured and really seemed to have this amazingly compassionate, level-headed and business-savvy aura about him. Within minutes, I was subscribed and looking up his makeup products in awe.

The Blood Sugar Palette comes in a beautiful red faux leather case with a white and red cover for safekeeping

Which brings me to the present day and the purpose of this very blog post. For me, the Blood Sugar palette is just an absolute dream. Stunning colour stories presented in a cool, quirky case that’s almost too gorgeous to use. (Almost). I’d fawned over the palette for a long time debating if I really needed another palette with shades so similar to the ones that I already own (note to you if you’re thinking the same about this palette: you absolutely need it). One day in December, my parents asked me what I’d really like for Christmas. Now, I’m not a fan of handing out requests for presents – gone are the days I’d circle page after page in the Argos catalogue. I just find there’s something so crass about asking for a certain gift, it makes me cringe a little inside. For days I sat on the idea of telling them how much I liked the palette, so instead, I made a small list of things that I’d seen throughout the year that I loved. Amongst bath bombs, face masks and chocolate sat the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette with a strict red note that I am in no way expecting this palette, I’m just providing a list of things I love.

Anyway, come Christmas morning, guess who was ugly crying whilst opening up the Blood Sugar palette? Yep, your girl! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have received this palette, I really think it’s something special. So, let me finally get down to business and tell you all about it.

The devil is in the details – I love the clasps on the Blood Sugar palette

The Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

The Blood Sugar Palette is an 18-colour eyeshadow palette which comes in a gorgeous red faux leather case with two clasps at the front. It contains mattes, metallics and pressed glitter eyeshadows that can create looks from the most wearable to the most outrageous wherever the mood takes you.

The stunning selection of shades make for endless natural to dramatic makeup looks

Throwing shade

The shades are:
Glucose – Bright white matte
Sugarcane – Powder pink matte
Cake Mix – Soft orange brown matte
Ouch – Camel yellow brown matte
Donor – Golden bronze metallic
Intravenous – Dark red brown matte
Candy Floss – Pinky lilac glitter
Tongue Pop – Salmon pink matte
Sweetener – Peachy pink gold glitter
Cavity – Neon pink matte
O Positive – Mauve matte
Root Canal – Bright purple red matte
Prick – Bright red orange matte
Cherry Soda – True red matte
Fresh Meat – Berry red matte
Blood Sugar – Copper red glitter
Extraction – Deep berry purple matte
Coma – Deep eggplant matte

The palette feels sturdy and so well made. I love how easily the colours marry together to make a perfect blend

How do the shadows perform?

First of all, I adore the names and the way the pans are laid out in the palette. There’s something satisfying about picking out shades like Cherry Soda, Intravenous and Glucose! Secondly, the shades are hella pigmented. I was expecting something on par with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette but honestly, Blood Sugar is superior in my opinion. Beautifully blendable, less kick-back in the pan and less fall-down when applied to the face – they are a dream to work with.

As if the palette wasn’t fabulous enough, it’s also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free which is amazing.

I’m always a fan of pinks and golds because they make my eye colour pop


Just look how gorgeous the colours are! I’m in love.

Where you can get it

Blood Sugar retails at £53 in the UK. My parents got mine from Beauty Bay (I have no idea what wizardry they used to get it as it’s constantly sold out every time I look and still is at the time of writing this). If you’d like to get hold of this palette, you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock by clicking here. 

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