KORE Skincare Review

In the past few years, I have really started to understand and care about my skincare routine and go to great lengths to try to ensure my skin looks and feels its best. From searching for the perfect skincare routine to ensuring I use a good SPF daily, it’s an ever evolving journey as my skin changes with the seasons and of course, with ageing – but lets not get into that right now…

Recently, KORE asked me if they could send me along a few products to try out and give my opinion on and of course, I said yes! Any company that devotes themselves to producing luxury skincare products that help to heal our skin in the safest, most natural way sounded like a dream to me and I was very excited to try out their products. After trying them out for a month (my samples lasted all this time!) I thought it was a great time to share my opinions on the skincare line with you. So, here is my KORE Skincare review!


First of all, a little company background…KORE is an Australian company who produce luxury skincare products. The company has spent a concentrated effort on the studies of ancient healing potions and remedies once used by our forefathers for spiritual or medical cures for a variety of illnesses and problematic skin disorders, and the company trademarked their unique ingredient, ‘KORE Complex’ that they obtained by blending today’s advanced technologies with their findings.

“one particular natural ingredient that was rediscovered in our scientific studies was bovine colostrum. This pure ingredient is found in the majority of our wellbeing products and is identified as the first liquid produced by dairy cows prior to the liquid transferring into milk.

Studies conducted by scientists suggest that this powerful bioactive concentrate improves the functioning of the human immune system by increasing the production of glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant which is vital in the healing and production of skin cells along with numerous other serious health benefits.

Whilst classified as a potent and result driven Cosmecuedical formulation, the emphasis on skin safety is paramount, consumers can rest assured that KORE products are gentle on the skin, completely safe to use are chemical and paraben free developed without any form of animal testing.” – KORE


A gorgeous package shortly arrived and I was thrilled to see the beautiful packaging and sleek design of the samples that I’d been sent – presentation really is everything to me and we were already off to a great start. It’s always lovely to receive a package that has been thoughtfully and carefully put together so thank you KORE for your attention to detail!

Inside the package, I had been sent the following:

  • Kore Foaming Cleanser
  • Kore Pearl Gentle Exfoliator
  • Kore Pearl Optimal Repair Cream
  • Kore Repairing Eye Cream
  • Kore Restorative Day Cream
  • Kore Pearl Revitalising Toner
  • Kore Pearl Intensive Serum


Kore Foaming Cleanser £27 
Having sensitive skin, I’ve found recently that creamy cleansers are much kinder to my skin and seem to keep breakouts at bay. I was looking forward to trying this and it didn’t disappoint. More of a cream texture rather than a foam, it was gentle on my skin and not too drying, it helped to make my skin feel fresh and clean and also removed any last traces of my makeup that were left behind after my usual Micellar cleanser.

Kore Pearl Gentle Exfoliator £29
Exfoliating your skin is so important to help it stay healthy and glowing – dead skin cells can become stuck to the skins surface causing a dulling effect. One of the most effective ways to remove them is by using a gentle exfoliator a couple of times a week. This formulation is light with fine grains which feel gentle on the skin yet give the feeling of a thorough cleanse. I loved how moisturising it felt on my skin and how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards.

Kore Pearl Revitalising Toner £26
From the very first time I tried this toner, I was trying so hard to place where I recognised the sweet smell from. Around a week later, I finally realised what it reminded me of – Love Hearts! You know, those little candy hearts with cute messages on them? It reminds me exactly of those! This gorgeous toner feels refreshing and light on the skin and the beautiful fragrance is sweet yet delicate. This particular formula contains a nourishing blend of natural fruit acids (AHA’s) along with aloe vera to cool and soothe and peptides. The spray also has naturally occurring amino acids and oat beta glucan that helps to moisturise and penetrate deep within. The spray left my face feeling soft, smooth and refreshed without feeling dried out or irritated. A really lovely refreshing toner.

The pack I received is not available to buy, but comes as a complimentary gift with all orders over £100

The pack I received is not available to buy, but comes as a complimentary gift with all orders over £100

Kore Pearl Intensive Serum £55
Although I had never used a serum before, I wasn’t clueless about the benefits and had always wanted to invest in one but had never gotten around to it. This serum is gel-like in texture and claims to increase the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid and collagen which in turn helps the skin to fight the signs of ageing and sun damage. Containing a nutrient rich milk protein, vegetable proteins and revitalising phospholipids, the serum feels comfortably moisturising and helped my skin to appear fresher the next morning when I paired it with the Optimal Repair Cream.

Kore Restorative Day Cream £39
Many of my clients complain to me that they can’t wear a moisturiser during the day as it makes their foundation slide off. I feel like I’ve been introduced to another great moisturiser to tell them about! I love this cream! On application, it feels nourishing and comforting but I found that it soon settled into my skin nicely and left an almost slightly tacky base on my face which I feel is perfect – a moisturiser and skin primer in one. It’s so, so important to have a great base before applying any makeup as it will work wonders for the longevity of your foundation and the look of the makeup on your skin. The Restorative Day Cream contains vitamin E so it helps to condition the skin as you wear it throughout the day and also contains an additional layer of defence against harmful pollutants which physically attack our skin. Definitely a great cream to try if your skin verges on the normal to oily scale.

Kore Pearl Optimal Repair Cream £50
Like a comfort blanket for the face. Another firm favourite. I used this cream religiously until my sample ran out and it saw me through a bad patch of eczema that was beginning to appear right before my cousins wedding. With nightly application and gentle exfoliation with my sample exfoliator, I found that my eczema disappeared within days as opposed to the weeks I have to usually battle with it. Classed as a high-end, multi purpose moisturiser (I tend to agree), it claims to hydrate and tone the skin and help to prevent signs of dehydration. Wheat and soy proteins claim to protect the skin from photo ageing whilst detoxifying. I really do feel that my skin looked and felt much better after using this cream – it was almost as if I had gained the post-facial glow you only usually get after visiting a spa. Highly recommended for ladies who just want a little more from their skincare routine with minimal effort.

Kore Repairing Eye Cream £39
Using an eye cream has become a beauty staple to me – although I may only still be in my 20’s, I believe that preventative skincare should start early. Like the makeup artist Kandee Johnson pointed out, you don’t wait until you get sunburned to start applying SPF. So I wonder why would you wait until you get wrinkles to start using preventative skincare? It makes sense to start using it early and reap the benefits later. The cream claims to refresh tired eyes and states that the potent antioxidant will reduce puffy eyes and swelling. The cream improves skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of dark circles and lines along with stimulating and improving circulation to regenerate the skin. I like to apply this morning and evening with my ring finger and gently pat it into the skin all around the eyes and lids. The cream feels soft, soothing and revitalising for tired eyes.

Overall, I have really enjoyed using KORE skincare products. Each and every product has worked in harmony with my skin and helped me to achieve a fresher, smoother complexion with a lovely rejuvenated glow. The three notable products that I feel definitely deserve your attention are the Kore Pearl Revitalising Toner, Kore Restorative Day Cream and the Kore Pearl Optimal Repair Cream.

If you’d like to take a look at Kore’s UK online store, follow this link. Thank you again to Kore for introducing me to some beautiful products that I’d be happy to use myself and recommend to my makeover clients!

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