Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box review

The Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box was kindly gifted to me.
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Living Proof describe themselves as ‘rooted in innovation’ and have a pretty cool back history to back up their claim. Established in 2005, the company founders comprised of biotech scientists who were fed up of the limitations of conventional products.

They say: “Our fresh, innovative approach was long overdue. Twenty patents later, across 50 unique products, Living Proof has won more than 150 awards for disrupting the industry and solving the toughest problems in haircare. Our drive to reveal the best version of your hair has only gotten stronger. We continue to break through industry standards, creating cutting-edge products that will transform your confidence, your outlook, and your every day.

We are the science. You are the Living Proof®.”

Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box review

The gorgeous full collection of products from the Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box

With how impressive that sounds, can you understand just how excited I was to be gifted the beautiful Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box by LOOKFANTASTIC?*

The box  is a limited edition and contains five beautifully curated products to give us the PHD (that’s ‘Perfect Hair Day’) that we all deserve. Worth £88, the box is retailing now for just £50!

What’s inside the box?

Perfect hair Day™ Weightless Mask (200ml)*
I adore a good hair mask, and this weightless formula manages to feel ultra luxe without, well, the weight! Promising to maintain volume while increasing manageability for easier styling, the mask is designed to never leave behind any heavy build ups. Also promising a 70% decrease in breakage while brushing, the product works to replenish hair’s natural protective layer.

Some masks can leave my hair looking a little limp and dull, but this little beauty certainly didn’t.

Perfect Hair Day Shampoo™ (travel-size)*
The soft scent of this nourishing shampoo makes you feel like you’re having an in-salon treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Described as “an innovative cleanser that helps you to wash your locks less often,” the shampoo is powered by the brand’s own Healthy Hair Molecule to smooth the cuticle and protect strands against damage.

My hair felt super clean after using the shampoo and I loved how the scent lingered delicately after blowdrying.

Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box review

The packaging is so sleek – it actually does look pretty scientific!

Perfect Hair Day™ Conditioner (travel-size)*
A lovely, weightless formula that works to envelop the hair strands to restore hydration and strength. The conditioner smoothes the hair fibre and gives soft, revitalised results. My hair definitely felt nourished and looked so much smoother after using this. Even my blowdrying time seemed to decrease which I’m all for!

Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo (travel-size)*
Dry shampoo is one of my best friends, and now I’ve been introduced to the PHD range dry shampoo, I don’t think I can look back.

Silicone-free, weightless and just downright refreshing. I didn’t notice a white cast on my hair with this dry shampoo – the whole product was unnoticeable, but the lovely, revitalised results certainly were.

Harnessing the brands Triple-Action-Cleaning Technology, the formula absorbs oil, sweat and odour without leaving the chalky residue that some dry shampoos tend to do.

Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box review

My two favourite products from the box – the Volume spray is definitely my hero product!

Full Dry Volume Blast™ (travel-size)*
I adored this product and have crowned it as my favourite item in the whole box. I love how volumising this spray is without making my hair feel like it’s caked in product.

Amazing to oomph up the volume by itself, or accompanied by a tiny little bit of backcombing, it really does transform your locks without crunch or stiffness. Powered by the brand’s ETAS molecule (Expandable Textured Aero-Spheres), the formula is perfect for taking you from limp and lifeless to luxe and lush in a few quick sprays. I don’t want my haircare collection to ever be without it!

Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box review

The products left my hair feeling voluminous and nourished | Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box review

Where to buy

You can find the Living Proof: Hair Hero’s treatment Beauty Box over at LOOKFANTASTIC here.

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