Lottie London x Imogenation makeup collaboration review

Hello my loves! Today I’m bringing you a post that I originally wrote before I ended up being quite unwell. So although this may seem a little late to the party, I still wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Lottie London is the cutesy makeup brand providing gorgeously affordable cruelty free makeup to the masses. I first came across Lottie London when I got a pretty makeup brush from the brand inside one of my beauty boxes. Shortly followed one of their Balm Balls which I quickly fell in love with! If you had a Baby All Gone as a child, you’ll know why I loved the gorgeous scent of the Balm Ball immediately. That pot of cherries were something else!

Anyway, Lottie London has been a brand that I’ve really enjoyed from the get go, so I was really excited to hear that they were bringing out a collaboration with Imogen Hudson! If you don’t know who Imogen is (then get to know! *Hun joke*), then you’ve been seriously missing out one of the biggest, most vivacious characters on the UK vlogging scene!

Lottie London x Imogenation makeup collection

I first ever saw Imogen on a press evening aboard the Good Ship Benefit in London and started following her over on instagram before she launched her YouTube channel. Bubbly, fun and absolutely full of love, I loved watching her videos straight away (and so did her family of huns that has since grown to a pretty big, supportive army!) Imogen has previously collaborated with Revolution, and I couldn’t tell you how proud I was to see her collection on my local high street. As a small YouTuber, I can completely appreciate the hard work and dedication that Imogen has put into her channel over time to grow her audience and secure the amazing collaborations that she’s now got to her name. Also, as a professional makeup artist, I love me a good makeup collab!

Lottie London x Imogenation makeup collection

The gorgeously girly collection consists of:
Imogenation Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters in the shades Loyalty (bronze) and Pure (rose gold)
Imogenation Ultra Glow Creme Highlighter Quad with the shades Hun, Sugar, Prinny and Angel
Imogenation Ultra Glow Ultra Glow Creme Eyeshadow in Can’t Cope (gold), Storytime (champagne) and Chute (copper)
Imogenation Ultra Glow Gloss’d Lip Gloss-Oil in the shades Bee (shimmer) and Thirteen (rose gold shimmer)

Imogenation Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters £5.95
I adore a good loose highlighter so I was so pleased to see these in the collection! The pots contain 6g of product which is just shy of my standard collection of drugstore highlighters which is around 8g per pot. However, at a bargain £5.95, these little highlighters pack a punch and will last you a while thanks to the ultra-fine powder packed with pearls. My favourite shade is Pure as it’s more suited to my fair skin, but the Loyalty shade is beautifully pigmented and would look gorgeous on medium – darker skin tones. Both powders also look amazing when used as eyeshadows too! The highlighters are quite glittery, so if you prefer products that don’t have the glitter effect, I think you’ll love the creme highlighter quad that’s just below.

Lottie London x Imogenation Ultra Glow Loose Highlighter Powder

Imogenation Ultra Glow Creme Highlighter Quad £8.95
I’m not usually a fan of creme highlighters and find that they get wasted more often than not. However, I saw Imogen’s video as she was using these as an illuminating base and knew I just had to try them. Off I went and added the quad to my order! The cremes have a lot of slip when you first apply them, but actually, seem to dry down a little on the skin (which I think is a great thing!) and feel so comfortable and lovely to wear. Imogen uses hers as you would with MAC’s Strobe Cream – across the whole of the face before foundation. The highlighters can also be used on top of foundation or BB cream on the high points of the face, or as a base to build the powder highlighters up on for that gorgeous, mirror-shine glow.

Lottie London x Imogenation Ultra Glow Creme Highlighter Quad

Imogenation Ultra Glow Ultra Glow Creme Eyeshadow £4.95
I really love these pretty creme eyeshadows! In the tubes, Storytime and Can’t Cope look quite similar, but trust me, they’re quite different when swatched (scroll down for the swatches photograph). My favourite shade is Chute (pronounced like ‘cute’ but with a ‘h’) which is a gorgeous copper tone with a hint of rose gold. They’re very much along the same lines of the Stila Magnificent Metals in the way that they are applied with the doe foot applicator and their gorgeous glittery shimmer. They’re great when used alone or on top of an eyeshadow to add that little bit of something special. They don’t dry down into a hard shell on the eye (a common problem I’ve had with creme eyeshadows like this in the past) and they’re certainly not hard to apply eyeliner over the top of afterwards. Plus, just look at that beautiful packaging – it’s dreamy!

Lottie London x Imogenation Ultra Glow Metallic Creme Eyeshadow in Can’t Cope, Chute and Story Time

Imogenation Ultra Glow Gloss’d Lip Gloss-Oil £4.95
These hybrid gloss-oils are just gorgeous! Beautifully hydrating, non-sticky and completely flattering. Bee is more of a shimmer shade, whereas Thirteen offers a really subtle, barely-there pinky hue. This is the kind of shade that you’d get away with on those ‘no makeup’ makeup days. Again, they’re great for wearing on top of lipstick, or on bare lips for a hydrating boost. The glosses wore off on me after a couple of hours, but with such a nourishing formula, I wouldn’t expect a much longer wear time. Besides, the glosses are gorgeous to apply and the ultra-flexible doe foot applicator makes applying them on the go an absolute breeze. The squeezy tube is also a nice touch and means you can get those last bits of product left behind that are harder to reach in the usual hard plastic gloss tubes. I really love the gloss-oil formulas and think they’ll be a makeup bag staple throughout the summer.

Lottie London x Imogenation Ultra Glow Gloss’d Supercharged Gloss-Oil Tint

Is it worth it?
I think that this is a really gorgeous collaboration between Lottie London and Imogenation and totally captures Imogen’s makeup style. I adore the packaging (spot the butterflies!) and I think that the products are extremely affordable – the whole collection cost £40! My favourite pieces are the Gloss-Oils – they’re so hydrating and lovely to wear without feeling sticky or ‘jammy’ on the lips. I also really love the loose highlighters which I think will come in extra handy for bronzing my décolletage when the summer months hit! I feel that the collection is aimed at more of a teenage to early 20’s audience, but, my mum enjoys wearing the lip gloss so I’m sure most age ranges would find something they like.

Lottie London x Imogenation makeup collection swatches

I want to say a huge congratulations to Imogen! This is a gorgeous collection and one that I’m really looking forward to playing around with. In the meantime, I’ll be admiring the products as they sit on display on my desk!

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