LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Powder review

After a few sunny days and lots of suncream application, my face started to feel a little irritated. I’m not sure whether to put it down to too much sun (I’ve been out and about walking with my dogs a fair bit in the gorgeous sunshine covered in SPF, of course!), a mixture of suncreams that I’ve trying out or a hormonal imbalance. But I started to notice little raised bumps around my chin making their way up the sides of my mouth. They almost felt like tiny blisters that were pretty much invisible to the eye, but I could certainly feel them and they felt a little itchy at times.

I started to panic straight away and was worried that my Acne was making a comeback. As you might know, I finished taking Accutane (or to name it it’s generic name, Isotretinoin) back in December and have been blessed with clear skin since. I wake up every morning and expect to see a face full of Acne again and feel relieved each time I realise it’s not there. So, I tried not to worry – after all, stress has a negative impact on our skin.

LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Powder review | Rachael Divers

I have a lovely little load of beauty products stored away in my office that I save to use on pamper days or as back ups, and knew I had the perfect product to help with my irritated skin. Enter LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Powder!

This powder is a cleansing, exfoliating and brightening powder but the special part is this: it’s made with non-fat milk powder, finely milled whole grain oats (which are a renowned skin soother) and a small amount of magnesium carbonate. It’s PH balanced so helps to balance the skin and clear any dirt or residue away from the skin gently and effectively.

LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Powder review | Rachael Divers

I set to work following the instructions:

Mix a tablespoon of ERASE with half a tablespoon of water to form a paste. Apply to face and allow to dry for one minute. While still damp, gently massage away. The paste should come away like eraser peels taking away blackheads, reducing pores and softening hyper-pigmentation as it goes.

This product works wonders for my skin and always leaves it feeling soft but nourished. It’s recommended to use the paste twice a week, but in this instance I actually used it for two days running and saw a huge difference in my skin. Three days down the line, my skin is almost back to normal.

LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Powder review | Rachael Divers

The product works on a three step solution:
Step 1 : Erase – A cleansing, exfoliating & brightening powder which reduces the appearance of imperfections, leaving skin soft and smooth.
Step 2 : Balance – A hydrating & calming serum which firms and tones, deeply nourishing and balancing skin while minimizing shine and pores.
Step 3 : Clear – A powerful spot control compound which leaves your skin clear, smooth, and radiant.

It’s an extremely handy product to have in for a skin crisis and a beautiful twice-weekly treat too! I really love this powder and think it’s fabulous value for money. I actually got mine inside a Glossybox but I’ll list below a UK stockist where you can pick one up.

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LUE by Jean Seo ERASE Powder

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