MAC Cinderella collection – Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette and Royal Ball lipstick overview

MAC release some amazing collections all of the time but usually I don’t succumb to them. This time however, was very different. One of my all time favourite Disney films is Cinderella and I used to constantly watch it as a child. My poor parents couldn’t even escape the happy soundtrack to the movie in the car as we just had to listen to the cassette on every car journey with bibbidi-bobbidi-boo on repeat. Even my Grandad used to sit with me and pretend to dress me up for the ball, lovingly applying pretend blusher, lipstick and eyeshadow before I’d race off to the kitchen and play dizzy dolls until he pretended to be the clock striking midnight and I’d run back in just in time before my ball gown turned to rags.

Cinderella has always held a special place in my heart and with that in mind, I knew I had to bring home a little something from this beautiful collection. This morning, I made my way to Meadowhall to the MAC Debenhams counter to queue along with all the other Cinderella/MAC loving guys and girls and stood hopefully waiting and wishing that I wasn’t too late to secure myself a special something. The counter was packed with so many people excited to lay eyes on the new collection and take home some makeup eye candy for themselves or as gifts, and the MAC girls were in full professional mode handling the abundance of people wonderfully.

MAC Cinderella

As a makeup artist, I’m always looking for gorgeous products for my clients that will suit a wide range of skin tones and I knew I wouldn’t go wrong with a MAC palette. With this in mind, I chose to pick up the beautiful Stroke of Midnight palette which is full of flattering eyeshadow shades to suit any skin tone and eye colour. The palette contains five usual MAC offerings of Vapour (velvet peach/pink with violet pearl), Phloof! (frosted off white), Omega (matte soft muted beige taupe), Quarry (soft muted plum brown with a matte finish) and Satin Taupe (frost taupe with silver shimmer) with the addition of the exquisite exclusive, Stroke of Midnight – a velvet black plum finish with added sparkle pearl.

MAC Cinderella4

I was going to halt myself at buying just the palette, but when I arrived in store this morning and saw just how appealing the Royal Ball lipstick was, I made the snap decision to also pick up one of those. The description of ‘fleshy pink’ doesn’t really give much justice to this lipstick, I’d describe it as more of a mellow crystal pink – much nicer, don’t you think? The shimmering finish is absolutely fit for a princess and gives a nice wash of colour without being too overbearing or stark.

MAC Cinderella5

A point I’d like to touch on is the packaging for this collection. Soft powder blue and regal gold really give the collection that royal feel and I love the pearlescent finish on the lipstick tube particularly. I’ve heard a lot of people commenting that they think the packaging looks a little cheap, but for me, it’s bang on.

MAC Cinderella7

I’ll be uploading a makeup look with these stunning new additions to my makeup kit later on. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the collection.

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