My Makeover with Armand Beasley at Sandersons Boutique Store

On Thursday I had the pleasure of having a makeover with the fabulous Armand Beasley over at Sandersons Boutique store at Fox Valley.

I was so looking forward to my makeover. As a full time makeup artist, I’m always glamming my clients up for their special occasions so I wanted to gift myself a lovely makeover experience and learn about some new products along the way too.

My Makeover with Armand Beasley at Sandersons Boutique Store | Rachael Divers

Armand is an absolute superstar – he’s had the pleasure of making over so many gorgeous famous faces from Goldie Hawn and Michelle Keegan to Nicole Scherzinger to name just a few.

I love experimenting with makeup and I’m not afraid to go all out glam so I asked Armand for a glamorous party makeup look. He asked if there were any colours in particular that I’d like to try so I opted for greens. I never wear greens although they’re typically the sort of colours that complement my skin, hair and eye tones. I always feel garish in greens and don’t enjoy how they look on me so I wanted to see how Armand would incorporate them into a look in the hopes that I’d learn a new way to wear them that I liked.

My Makeover with Armand Beasley at Sandersons Boutique Store | Rachael Divers

Armand went for a super dramatic green and golden toned eye with beautifully full lashes. I don’t usually wear false lashes anymore but must say that even though they look very long and full, they were super light and comfortable to wear. He chose an Inglot foundation for my base with a little of INIKA’s mineral foundation gently buffed over the top. My subtle bronze and highlight was from Inglot along with a peachy blush. I absolutely loved the brow gel that Armand used which was from INIKA – it was the perfect match for my hair colour and as any natural redhead will know, finding the perfect tone to match our hair can be somewhat of a task! My lip colour was a lovely peachy nude tone with a slick of gloss over the top, one of my favourite go-to colours.

I really enjoyed my makeover with Armand and picked up some gorgeous products to bring home with me too. I’d highly recommend visiting Armand at Sandersons for a one-to-one makeover – he’s so knowledgeable about products and their ingredients along with health and nutrition for beauty too.

Thanks so much Armand for a lovely experience, it was great to see you and the Sandersons team again!

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