March Favourites

Welcome to my March Favourites! March has seemed like a long month to me this time around – slightly longer days, little hints of sunshine and a whole load of new products to try out and fall in love with. I wanted to film my March beauty favourites to share with you as I have quite a few products I wanted to show to you.

Along with being a longer month, March has also felt quite draining for me and I’ve really struggled to keep on top of my temperamental skin. With a lot of sleepless nights, stress headaches and generally feeling run down, I’ve needed a little extra help in the skin department. As Spring arrives, I always like to have my skin fresh, rejuvenated and summer-ready, so I’ve have had a few skin saviours that have been helping me immensely this month, and I’ve really taken extra time to pour my efforts into my skincare routine.

March has been a month of face masks, and my absolute favourite mask to date has been the Codage Paris Moisturizing Mask which came in my LookFantastic beauty box. I’ve reached for this beauty many times throughout the month and felt instant relief as I’ve applied the nourishing emulsion to my skin. The formula contains many oils and plant-based waxes which strengthens the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and also reconstructs the cutaneous barrier. As a result, my skin is left feeling soft, soothed, supple and oh so refreshed each time. I feel like this month has been full of the little luxuries that really make a big difference to my skin and my mood alike and I’ve really appreciated the power of good, results-driven skincare.

Along with a few new skincare treats that I’ve been shown throughout the month, I’ve also fallen in love with some old makeup favourites that I came across again while clearing out my makeup collection. I hope that you enjoy watching my March favourites video and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been loving this month!

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