May 2017 Birchbox Unboxing

After dashing around the house trying to find something other than my PJ’s to wear to answer the door to the delivery man, my mum eventually took pity on me and rushed to my rescue before it was too late. She delivered my Birchbox right to my hands around the same time that my dad passed me a coffee through the window from our studio. How about that for perfect timing!
I opened the bright pink box to reveal the most gorgeous marble and rose gold design Birchbox that I instantly knew would be sitting on my desk for the next couple of weeks at least. My desk space is something that I like to keep extremely minimalist and tidy, so anything to makes it to ‘the desk’ has to be something that I really love!

May 2017 Birchbox Unboxing | Rachael Divers

This month, my box was a mixed bag of haircare, makeup, makeup tools and skincare. What more could a girl ask for?

The item that got me the most excited about this box was the gorgeous Spectrum Collections Marbelous Tulip Eye Contour Brush. As a makeup artist by profession, makeup brushes get me terribly excited, especially those that are rose gold or white!
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