My Accutane update: 7 months on

As you may know if you’ve read my blog for a little while or followed me over on YouTube, last year I was taking Accutane (or to call it its full name, Roacctuane or Isotretinoin). I stopped taking the drug back in December, just before Christmas, and the results have been outstanding.

I’d been plagued by acne for many years before taking the drug, but within months, my skin was once again looking very clear.

My skin before and during taking Accutane | Rachael Divers

I finally finished my course just in time for the Christmas break which I was so pleased about seen as some of the side effects were pretty rough and I was so ready to be done with it.

I was very anxious about how the next few months would pan out and panicked massively thinking that I’d wake up one morning to find my acne had come back. I’m so pleased to say that here I am just over 7 months on and my skin is completely clear.

My skin before and after taking Accutane | Rachael Divers

I have only had a grand total of two spots since finishing my course of Accutane, and they went away in double quick time!

My skin confidence has risen over the last year or so and now I frequently head off to work without any foundation or concealer at all. It’s given me a new lease of life that I’m extremely grateful for.

My skin today | Rachael Divers

I still worry about the future and worry that my acne will someday return, but for now, I’m really enjoying having clear skin and the confidence that it’s bringing me.

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