My daily multivitamin routine

My daily vitamin routine might not sound like so much of a thrilling read, but since I’ve arrived in my late 20’s, I’m starting to gain a real interest in health, fitness and keeping my body healthy from the inside out. Yeah, it took 28 years to catch on, but hey, I’m here now!

To give you a little background on me, I have the worst immune system ever. If there’s a hint of a cold going around, the faint croak of a sore throat or the lightest sprinkling of sickness, I’ll get it. After recent blood test results showing I was somewhat lacking in certain vitamins and a couple of other problems going on in the background (I may talk about this at a later date), I decided to up the ante with my vitamins and minerals to give me a little boost. Now, I’m no expert here. My knowledge on the topic is widely from YouTubers, bloggers and of course, my doctor and medical consultant, but I thought it would be good to share my experience with you all in case it might help you too.

So, my daily vitamin routine. You might know that I spent a few months taking VITL vitamins – read my review here. They’re seriously potent vitamin, mineral and supergreen tablets that I absolutely believe helped me out right when I needed them. However, with a higher price tag, I couldn’t really justify them monthly what with my other expenses right now, so I looked for an alternative. Cue another trip to one of my favourite places – Holland and Barrett!

My daily multivitamin routine | Rachael Divers

My daily multivitamin routine | Rachael Divers

I decided to pick up the MEGA Vita-Min High Strength Multivitamins and Minerals which are a food supplement and also suitable for vegetarians. They’re timed release so they’re meant to keep a steady flow of vitamins and minerals coming to you throughout the day. The strength of the tablets are high. The highest I could find for the price I wanted to pay, and in fact, they actually match or surpass the VITL multivitamin measurements on some of the vitamins included which I think is amazing considering the price difference. The only downside is that they don’t contain the same amount of Co Q-10 or any of the supergreens. Having said that, The VITL vitamins are £35.95 per month whereas the MEGA Vita-Mins are £21.99 and will last you just over three months if you take one daily. I’m sure even if you added a supergreens tablet to the mix, you’d still save a heck of a lot every month.

Next, on the advice of my doctor, I picked up 10ug of Vitamin D3 (these are currently in the penny sale at Holland and Barrett by the way – you buy something, and get one for just a penny. Crazy right?) tablets to take alongside my multivitamin. As I’m quite low on vitamin D, I was recommended to take around 25ug daily, so I double up on my dose for the time being until I’m due my next blood work to check my levels.

The last thing I take daily at the moment is actually the miracle homeopathic remedy I’ve raved about before – Thuja. My little miracle in a bottle for controlling my acne. To see the full effects of this absolute beauty, take a read of my review post here. 

I’ve been taking this combination of tablets for around two months now, and while I’m currently down with a chest infection, I really do think that they’re helping. Beforehand, I was having to take naps in the middle of the day because I was just so drained and lethargic and felt so unwell all of the time, but now I’m glad to say that I’ve got a little more energy and my nannan naps have disappeared for the time being! My nails have never grown so fast, my skin is getting back on track, my hair is healthy, but the biggest plus for me is that I have that extra boost of energy I was so lacking. Of course, taking vitamins and minerals needs to be paired with a healthy diet too so there’s a little more to it than just downing a few pills daily and expecting all of the benefits.

Health is so important, and as a busy person building my business and promoting myself, I have to make sure I feel my best and do whatever I can to ensure I’m fit and well in order to work and live my life to the full.

There’s so much confusion and conflicting reviews around health, particularly when it comes to vitamins and what we should and shouldn’t be taking, but this is what I’ve found works for me and what I’m very happy taking at the moment.

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MEGA Vita-Min High Strength Multivitamins and Minerals £21.99 for 100 tablets
Holland And Barrett Vegetarian Vitamin D3 Tablets 10ug £4.99 for 100 capsules or 1p if bought in the penny sale deal
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